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    Rate this article "Call of Duty:Warzone- A Complete Review"

    (4.51/5) 174 rates
    SoulMortal45, 9 june 2020 13:54

    Call of Duty:Warzone- A Complete Review

    Call Of Duty:Warzone is on online multiplayer game which was released by Activision on 10 March 2020. Till now, the game has been released for Xbox One,PC and PlayStation 4. Warzone is a part of Call Of Duty:Modern Warfare, but is free to play. Warzone has received positive reviews from several critics and is now regarded as one of the best Battle Royale games till date. In this article, I will review COD:Warzone, and will critically examine each aspect of the game.

    So without wasting any more time, lets dive right into the review!



    It might not be apparent at first, but Warzone incorporates a lot of elements from other games in the Battle-Royale genre. It uses a ping system, similar to the one in Apex Legends. It plays out on a massive map akin to PUBG where large swathes of open land are right for snipers, while dense sub-urbs make for exhilarating skirmishes!

    Like Fortnite, chests overflowing with loot are present all across the map. They are easy to hunt down due to their emanating ‘jingle’ sound.Currently, Warzone has two game modes-

    •  Battle-Royale: In this mode, 150 players parachute from a plane onto a large game map, where they engage with other players. As time passes, the playable zone shrinks, and all the area outside this zone gets polluted with a toxic green gas that eats away at a player’s health. This ensures that the number of players alive decrease quickly, making the game dynamic. As in all other Battle-Royale games, the last man standing wins!

    • Plunder: This mode is more arcade-based. In this mode, the objective for your team is to gather as much cash as possible. Cash is scattered around the map in several supply boxes which emit a humming sound. When your team has $1 million, then a bonus round begins, in which you have to eliminate other teams to reduce the amount of cash they have, or simply earn more. The team with the most cash at the end of this round wins. Unlike the previous mode, you get immediately respawned if you are killed in Plunder.

    One of the best things about having 150 players in a single match is that you are constantly on alert and action is guaranteed. Another great advantage of having so many players active is that you get a couple of kills in almost every match. This makes even some of the most unsuccessful drops feel worthwhile. One thing that makes Warzone stand out from other games in the Call Of Duty franchise is the newly introduced respawn feature, a greater emphasis on vehicles and in-game currency.

     To play this game well you need to be intuitive and adaptive, as this game can put you in some tough spots which are really hard to come out of. Cash is essential in Warzone as you can spend cash to buy kill-streaks, or additional armor.


     Unlike other games in the genre, Warzone doesn't task you with micromanaging items in a limited space backpack- instead, we have pre-defined slots of ammunition types, armour plating and cash. Warzone offers four types of team-based gameplay- Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads. This makes the game extremely versatile and fun to play!



     Warzone is set in a fictional city called Verdansk, which has been based on Ukrainian city called Donestk. The map is divided into 5 sectors-

    • Verdansk North
    • Verdansk Southwest
    • Verdansk Central 
    • Verdansk South
    • Verdansk East

     This division makes navigation and understanding of the huge map quite easy. Each sector contains several areas called zones, these zones have places called landmarks. Around Landmarks you can find ATM’s and buy stations. The map has been extremely well designed with several kinds of terrains like forests, dense cities, and open grasslands. This variety makes the map perfect for both- snipers and assaulters. Also, the map is extremely intuitive, so you can easily learn it from scratch.


    You’re likely to feel right at home with many areas of the Warzone map if you’ve already been playing Modern-Warfare. Many of it’s named areas use identical layouts, so you can navigate them by muscle memory.



     Warzone currently has 35 primary weapons and 10 secondary weapons. The primary weapons are divided into 6 categories and secondary weapons into 3 categories. In Warzone, each player has 2 weapon slots, one lethal grenade slot, and one utility grenade slot. All weapons have distinct Recoil, fire-rates and spread. I feel the weapons have been well-crafted by the developers and each weapon has its own unique feel.

     A unique fact about weapons in Warzone is that they are already equipped with attachments, which makes early match looting really quick. Some critics might say that this goes against the spirit of Battle-Royale, but I like this concept as it increases the simplicity of the game.



    The In-game graphics of Warzone are breath-taking as Activision has done an amazing job in designing graphics for the game. The graphics are top-notch with detailed textures, sharp shadows and brilliant contrast. The only downside of this is that low-end PC users will not be able to play this game at high frame-rates. Personally, I found the graphics extremely realistic and pleasing to the eyes!


    Final Words:

    Call Of Duty:Warzone gets a 9 due to its perfect blend of elements from all the other Battle-Royale games out there. This game literally has it all- Dynamic and unexpected skirmishes, intense firefights,  and well-planned strategic pushes. Overall, Warzone is a great game that has finally carved out its own identity in the gaming community. In my opinion, players who like PUBG, Fortnite and Apex Legends are sure to love Warzone and should definitely give it a try.

     Hope you guys enjoyed the review, let me know if you have any suggestions for me in the comments section!


    Rate this article Call of Duty:Warzone- A Complete Review

    (4.51/5) 174 rates


    Warzone is like COD Mobile, alot of guns, ranks, and even Battle Royale.

    6 november 2020 05:26

    Just no... I tried once and its way to sweaty and competitive. I just can't play it.

    16 november 2020 15:50

    I completely agree with you, Activision really did learn well from other battle royale style games and produced a fantastic game that has all the strengths and few weakneses. Thumbs up

    10 june 2020 07:09

    This does get way more boring (atleast for me) than a normal cod like black ops or modern warfare.

    5 march 2021 09:28

    Great article.... keep it up man.. while im just want to try this game but. nvm i just have a potato laptop :/

    16 february 2021 15:32

    I like it it's just kinda sad that all the battle royals are so similar id like some more variation

    17 august 2020 11:27

    very big games god me like for it games

    21 july 2020 22:33

    best free to play game in world

    3 august 2020 06:51

    Call of duty is the best game i have ever played

    10 june 2020 06:22

    Warzone is like PUBG but without being the son of Ubisoft lom

    10 june 2020 20:30