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    How do you get free robux without human verification ?

    I tried alot of it from robux generators till gift cards and also the one with no human verification bit when I tried them it said that I have to do human verificaton first for the generators and gift card

    13 may 2019 09:54 2173

    All generator are fake mate example Robux generator it's fake

    13 may 2019 10:25 2173

    The generators are fake they dont actually give you robux

    13 may 2019 12:59 2173

    you can get free robux from gamehag

    13 may 2019 13:28 2173

    Generators are fake, put a non existant name like name full of swear word, and it still work

    13 may 2019 14:09 2173

    Short answer, no, You can attempt to get robux from websites (such as this one), but besides that they don't work.

    13 may 2019 22:30 2173

    So this website also dont give us robux ?

    14 may 2019 06:33 2173

    Robux is unavailable now. There was an announcement about the issue of withdrawing Robux from Gamehag posted on Gamehag Community a.k.a Gamehag's Discord. For any updated news, kindly check on Gamehag's Facebook page or Discord.

    P.S. This topic already covered in many threads.

    15 may 2019 10:26 2173

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