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    Well, i've only been playing this game for one day, so my base of opinion might be a tad shortcoming, though my first impression of this game is that it probably needs a lot of work. You start the game off on a tutorial map, as with many games. However, in the case of River Combat, there is really no tutorial or help guiding you in what you must do. Even though the game has very basic controls, it would still be nice to have some more help guiding you through than "build 15 FAV's", "press enter to chat" and "hold right mouse button to scroll the map". After completing the tutorial (building the 15 vehicles, 1 other vehicle and taking over one base) you get thrown into the deep end of the pool. Again, no help at all, just a mission to complete: " conquer a base " . I thought maybe this map (as in many games) would be a lower end situation of the game, so i built up the resource gathering stations a little and decided to have a go at the base, located all across the map (which is huge). I quickly came to the conclusion this was not a starter map, as my 15 newly made fav's got instakilled by bases not even owned by players, eventhough i tried to take a safe route in between them (they shot me from half way across the screen, beyond the fog of war) So, as a conclusion of my first day of playing this game, i can not say much more about it than this: The game seems to have been made with a good idea in mind, but that it needs a lot of work to be an upper echelon game.

    9 august 2018 20:07 2455

    River Combat is a Strategy Game for your Browser. Here you play with navy units against real players. Not bad 3 stars!

    22 october 2021 17:08 2455

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