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    Gamehag is the only legit free robux place

    it's legit i got 17 robux from this

    3 july 2020 19:30 2173

    i got 1000 from a incident which I had to be refunded a game I didn't want

    4 july 2020 02:09 2173

    There are other websites that give out more and faster too
    i know because ive tried them before
    no pass required

    6 july 2020 16:50 2173

    this actually gives you free robux,
    you don't need to take long surveys or enter your phone number-
    you can play games you never played before and get xp / soul gems!

    6 july 2020 20:06 2173

    hey guys idk what to say now so ye gl to having soul gems and robux

    7 july 2020 01:30 2173

    my exp is bugging idk why it wont rise up and it wont let me to lvl3

    7 july 2020 01:31 2173

    Gamehag is legit giving you robux but its not the only one.... theres also oprewards....

    7 july 2020 02:34 2173

    Well, I didn't expect to have to say this, It's the best website ever!

    7 july 2020 03:11 2173

    Obviously its legit. Gamehag is a great website. But there are others that also gives robux and other things too

    8 july 2020 18:58 2173

    I really only came for the robux lol, but I don't want to download the games and it takes a while to level up

    8 july 2020 19:18 2173

    I like you can have free robux by doing abstuly nothing

    9 july 2020 13:07 2173

    well is few other apps in google play store which gives you robux.... but amount of robux is less. So gamehag still better.

    16 july 2020 08:14 2173

    I'm on Gamehag because it seems legit, but mainly because I've seen an ad of it on Youtube a couple times which already gives good legitimacy.

    16 july 2020 09:28 2173

    Though, this mechanic that we have to complete tasks if we don't want to "Turn into a frog" due to inactivity and only getting daily SG is pretty harsh. I mean, it's not my fault none of the surveys even work for me. All the surveys are either "Sorry. This event is not active right now" or "We're sorry, but this offer is not available for you!" Like, come on, I can't do anything about that.

    16 july 2020 09:33 2173

    Yh it is real and I also like it

    16 july 2020 10:12 2173

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