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    Hello, y'all! It's t4tsumihyaku! =)

    In this thread, I'll give you the opportunity to report bugs, exploits, and stuff that spoil your experience on the platform.


    Bug: (Write here what's the bug about.)

    Consequences: (Give us a good reason to review your report. Tell us how does the bug affect the platform in general.)

    (Optional) Proof: (Provide proof in the form of a screenshot. This line isn't obligatory, but optative.)

    27 june 2020 11:13 8411

    Greetings, t4tsumihyaku !

    I was thinking about writing it to the Suggestions Forum, however it could fit here more.

    Bug: Non-updated SG indicator of rewarding for voting on articles
    Consequences: The reward for voting on articles has been reduced from 5 SG to 1 SG recently. However, it is still displayed as 5 SG (per article) on the "Voting" page .
    Proof: Here

    28 july 2020 22:44 8411

    Thank you for the report, @Aonb! :)

    29 july 2020 07:16 8411

    Here's what I've noticed lately.

    Bug: Games whose tasks should be available are not for some reason.

    Consequences: The website offers daily bonuses for doing quests for a game whose tasks aren't even possible to do. First it was with World of Tanks, now with Magic: The Gathering Arena.

    Proof: https://i.imgur.com/6IdA0nK.jpg https://i.imgur.com/OQIVt8l.png As you can see, the website is now offering a daily bonus for MTG Arena, yet the tasks are clearly unavailable.

    30 august 2020 09:42 8411

    Hey, @dakuwanga!

    I won't report this bug since the Gamehag Team is well aware of its occasional occurrence. I can't tell if this bug is going to be fixed due to the recent changes on the platform. To be honest, this glitch has always existed on the platform, so I'd say that the best thing to do in this case is put up with it since it's unknown if it's going to be fixed soon.

    Nevertheless, thank you for the report =)
    I sincerely appreciate your help.

    30 august 2020 11:01 8411

    Bug: From a couple of days I can't report the spam on the forums. When I press the button I can see the arrow trying to load up something, but it doesn't do anything.

    Consequences: I can't earn SG from reporting spam.

    14 october 2020 12:38 8411

    Bug: My Weekly chest was supposed to be available yesterday but when I clicked it, it didn't allow me to get the chest as it said "Chest for weekly login already picked!" when It obviously wasn't, I'll even send day-to-day updates if you need more confirmation

    Consequences: even though this seems like a petty matter to others, this demoralized me for a few moments because it made me feel like I was being mistreated even though it was a bug and no one is at fault, I'm currently having some tough personal situations on my side of things

    Proof: https://imgur.com/a/Dqjz14I

    4 december 2020 15:21 8411

    edit: it seems that the bug is fixed now, g'day to yall

    7 december 2020 04:08 8411


    Bug:I have found this recent bug regarding the chests which require you to buy from your soul gems. Since this is a serious bug, I wish to PM you to talk about it as others will take advantage which will do them no good.

    Consequences: People will take advantage of this bug.
    Proof: Unfortunately I couldn't prove this to you. This will be counted as taking advantage of bug on this website which in turn will result in my ban. I hope you understand. Thank you.

    17 january 2021 02:07 8411

    @Fluffy_penguin - is it possible you can send it to me on discord? Fluffy#0162 on the gamehag discord.

    then i'll take a look at it, and forward it. thanks.,

    17 january 2021 10:42 8411

    @line_madsen Can you be more specific please?

    17 january 2021 14:06 8411

    Issue resolved. Thanks to @line_madsen.

    18 january 2021 13:56 8411

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