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    How it works

    How does REFERRAL SYSTEM work?

    Guys i have 11 Invited Guys but it say if i get 10 Referral USERS , I got 250 Souls reward? But the souls is not coming out So How does REFERRAL SYSTEM work?

    6 march 2018 19:47 1628

    Guys The referral rewards it comes when the user collects 1000sg.But I have a problem.I referral a user and I find a referral user he gives 10000sg if referre him.So how to unreferre a user to referre someone else user?

    22 august 2020 23:43 1628

    Confirming Reply Above ^ Also, dont make alt accounts. Its against the rules man. Just a warning

    8 october 2020 07:15 1628

    Complete waste of time

    8 october 2020 08:51 1628

    yea alt. accounts are just a waste of time

    8 october 2020 16:10 1628

    We all need to build a bit of a community and referal off each other, then expand outwards. I see a bit of poitential in this site. Also i'm always down to meet fellow gamers to play with, right now i need cs players and baulders gate 3 players. 😀😀

    9 october 2020 01:52 1628

    i reffered 20 users thinking they have to do something...

    9 october 2020 05:08 1628

    The referred people must get at least 500 each to be counted as active accounts. Didn't you guys read the fine print? Of course you can't recruit 10 people and immediate get gems, that would only results in fake accounts everywhere.

    30 march 2021 18:25 1628

    i dont really know how it works -_-

    31 march 2021 11:37 1628

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