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    Get Deluxe Founder's Pack absolutely for free!

    Do you want to support the development of Fortnite and gain at the same time? Get Fortnite Deluxe Edition! You can also check the Fortnite Standard Founder's Pack or make purchases directly in the game thanks to V-bucks: packages 1000 and 2500 you can now claim for free.

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    Deluxe Founder's Pack

    Premium Licenses

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    To 31 days

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    Premium Licenses


    Fortnite Deluxe Edition is a great way to support the development of Fortnite.

    In addition to the satisfaction of supporting the project, the package entitles you to receive many attractive bonuses. It contains:

    Rare Starter Weapon Pack, providing schematics of weapons. The package includes the following schematics:
    retractable floor spikes,
    ninja sword,
    scoped bullseye,

    Exclusive Founder’s Pistol - a schematic of the Revolt pistol, a weapon with a capacious magazine and increased accuracy thanks to a laser sight.

    The start pack of eight heroes (two for each class).

    33 pinata packs, including 24 pinatas with the Daily Loot, 4 unique pinatas with the Founder's Loot and 5 pinatas packas with Immediate Loot.

    50 extra places in the vault where you can store more equipment (survivors, event tickets and schematics). This will allow you to develop your arsenal faster.

    10 unique in-game banner icons will personalize your profile.

    In addition you’ll get 10 XP Boosts for you and 10 for your friends.

    You don't know, how to activate the reward? Check it out Activation guide.