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    Call of Cthulhu is a survival horror FPP, with elements of the arcade game and RPG. The plot is based on the iconic series of the American horror writer H.P. Lovevraft. Check out other games in this genre: Dying Light, Resident Evil VII: Biohazard, Left 4 Dead, Left 4 Dead 2 or Dead by Daylight.

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    The Great Old One - Call of Cthulhu

    Call of Cthulhu is a dark adventure game, combining elements of survival horror, arcade and RPG. The plot of the game refers to the mythology of Cthulhu, created by H.P. Lovecraft and tells the story of former military Edward Pierce, who as a private detective must unravel the mysterious death of artist Sarah Hawkins.

    With the development of the investigation, things are becoming more and more unexpected. Mysterious disappearances and mutilated corpses lead the detective to the dark cult of Cthulhu, The Great Dreamer. The beast is one of the ancient creatures known as the The Great Old Ones. For now, he remains dormant, but when he wakes up he will regain control over the world ...

    The less you know, the better you sleep…

    The gameplay in Call of Cthulhu is mainly about exploration. As detective Pierce, we solve puzzles and talk to the inhabitants of the island. These divide both positively and hostile to us. From the perspective of the first person, we have to go through the sad streets of the city, the hospital, the dark underground and, ultimately, the temple of Cthulhu cult. Thanks to the elements typical for RPG placed in the game, we can develop our character and prepare it for more effective solving of puzzles. It is important, however, to strike a balance between the desire to immediately discover the whole truth and the mental health of our hero, because too fast delving into the dark secrets of the cult can lead the detective crazy.

    Do you dare to learn the secrets of the cult? Be courageous and answer Call of Cthulhu now!