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    glgo_sowesu Flag us

    4 years ago


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    Commented Wizard 101.
    4 years ago

    Best game ever just played it. It is exciting and fun, and even though it's kinda pay to win, you can still be good if you play a lot.


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    Wizard 101

    Wizard 101 is a free client game, reminding us the magical world of Harry Potter. Why so? Well, because we’ll enter a School of Magic, in which, as a new student, we’ll deepen our knowledge and enhance our spell casting! Before we download the client, we’re making our character – we have to choose the gen...

    Eternal Fury

    Eternal Fury is a free browser strategy game full of action and exciting turn-based battles. Choose one of three available classes: Knight, Mage or Archer and start your adventure in a world possessed by a war of people and demons. Stop the goddess Hel from capturing the divine realm, stand up to her powerful servants and save m...

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