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    If you've ever dreamed of being a famous person, then IMVU is a game that will help you to satisfy your desires. In this game, you'll live a life that's completely different from what you know in your real life.First, you'll have to create your own avatar and choose the look you like the most. Let your imagination fly and create...

    Cabals: Card Blitz

    Cabals: Card Blitz is an automated collectible card game developed by the Kyy Games studio. If you do like the card games, but you are not too convinced of real-time duels, then Cabals: Card Blitz has been made specially for you!Build your own decks with unique cards and prove their utility in fast 30-seconds battles against AI....

    Mythic Glory

    Mythic Glory is a MMORPG browser game, where the player can choose between three different types of characters to deal with powerful opponents.The fantastic world is waiting for the corageous explorers that will not be afraid to walk into this magic kingdom.It is very significant to develop your character, inventory and group of...

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