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    Blood and Soul

    Blood and Soul is one of the freshest and most detailed MMORPGs. Externally, the new virtual world was created in the style of romantic fantasy. Players choose their own path based on their desires: if you prefer aggression and battles, a well-designed system of PvP, clans, leveling and joint network play are especially for You;...


    Panzar - multiplayer third-person fantasy shooter. Developed by Russian Panzar Studio. You are waiting for eight unique classes, team PvP battles, exciting PvE-adventures and regular tournaments with decent cash prizes. Developed RPG elements, the non-target system and the most advanced graphics from CryEngine 3 will make your c...

    Hustle Castle: Fantasy Kingdom

    The game requires to download the Android emulator - BlueStacks!Become the ruler of a medieval castle! Defeat your opponents, build an ever-larger fortress and protect your citizens.Nourish your plump knights and train your army to crush your enemy's forces.Burn a few enemy castles to create panic, train specialists who are irre...

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