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    Commented subject THE GAME YOU SHOULD BE PLAYING.
    1 year ago

    IMVU is a virtual world not like many other. This world away from earth allows you to live an extra live where you can have friends, have a job or even that dream family. 

    I recently started the game and I must say I am hooked. The game is so simple that anyone with even half a brain can access successfully without pain. There is a tutorial to help you start and a chat bot that helps you integrate into the community. IMVU ha sits own currency which can be hard to come by if you not on the spending side. But trust me its worth every penny. Money can be spend on clothes, furniture, friends or special VIP packages. As I mentioned earlier you don't have to spend too much because in game you can earn enough on your soon to be addiction. 

    The community on IMVU is no different to the one at the end of your doorstep, Real people with real personas. Everyone spend a lot of time on their looks and updating their feed on the in game Instagram. Making friends is quite simple you get into a chatroom and you conversate, who ever responds is most likely willing to be your friend. Caution is to advised as well not everyone plays nice on IMVU most people just say whatever they want. Be friendly when u need to be and be tough when necessary. Bullying is real even in virtual worlds.

    Shopping and being a whole snack is what I ENVY U IMVU (IMVU) is all about. You know that feeling when you need something you don't need but it hurts to leave it behind? well The mall in IMVU will have that effect on you so bad that you will get a side job just to quench that thirst. I spend about 200rand a month just to live my extra life on IMVU. Having about 6 apartments, 2 islands and a club is just starters of how much more I want. Most of what I own now is a result of amazing friends who send me gifts. I can be that friend to you too. 

    Love and relationship is another amazing aspect of the game. You can meet up with hotties and baddies and your future diamond ring carrier on IMVU. The platform allows for privacy chats, joint rooms, shared custom names, adoption of children and marriage. You can live a whole fulfilling life on IMVU, you don't have to be lonely. Spend time with friends, in laws or total strangers at any destination u want. Marriage live on IMVU is quite a thing and pricey too but again its up to you to say yes.

    VIP or Creators do have the most fun on IMVU. There is the discounts you get when shopping, there are the VIP only categories. Its important to feel like an elite when being on IMVU otherwise you just another local trying to get by. An IMVU creator is someone who makes content so whether you always wanted to be a designer or an architect this game is for you. The more awesome stuff you create the more money you make thus more shopping and a better life.

    If you ever find yourself in the IMVU chat corridors HMU @cocoblondie


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