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    Harvest Land

    Harvest Land is a farm simulator settled in slavic theme and culture with a pleasant musical accompaniment and candy-like graphic.Great men and their wives went on a long adventure in the hope of finding a new home. They arrived on native lands on a large island, where there's a place for fruit trees and large fields.The Slavs a...


    Kudoku is a free logic game for mobile phones in which the main goal is to do sudoku! Find as many matching pieces of the puzzle at the appointed time, and if you have achieved the right result, you will go to the next level! Unlock new worlds where you'll find more and more difficult puzzles. Earn experience points and earn hig...

    Tasty Tale

    Tasty Tale is a free mobile puzzle game in which you'll play the role of a real chef! You become a chef in many restaurants around the world, and your main task is of course to prepare delicious dishes! Combine the same three ingredients to add to your dish. There are over 1000 levels available in the game, so you have to demons...

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