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    Square Head Zombies - FPS Game bg

    Zdobądź Square Head Zombies - FPS Game zupełnie za darmo!

    Square Head Zombies - FPS Game bg

    Square Head Zombies - FPS Game

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    In this FPS game, you control a survivor in an apocaliptic world infested with zombies. Your gun is the only thing that can kill the undead.

    Watch your bullets, reload your weapon before any zombie reachs you.

    Zombies are very strong, 3 to 4 hits usually will kill you, watch out.

    This is a classic First Person Shooter ( FPS ) game with pixelated ( low poly ) graphics.

    Don't attack zombies desperately, if they didn't detect you reload you gun and shoot when you see the undead in your sights. The apocalypse is coming now, don't hesitate to shoot anything that moves around you.

    Each level has a specific number of undeads to be killed. Hold your weapon firmly and them. Kill undeads separately, it's easier this way. If two or more zombies see you, run for your life. Don't let any invader attack you, get all of them.

    This is an offline FPS game, it's only you against the AI ( artificial intelligence ), it's not possible to play against your friends, I mean, no multiplayer option.

    If an undead strike and do not hit you, this is an excellent opportunity to go away and reload your ammunition. If you with full ammunition, counter attack them immediately. Pull the trigger as fast as you can. You need to survive at any cost.

    Game features

    - Nostalgic and classic gameplay
    - Don't forget to reload your weapon