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    Spreadstorm is a single player adventure game in which you gain control over the analog signal and find yourself in a strange world made up of nodes, lights and perpetual darkness. You get no hint as to who you are and why you are here, neither a clear goal, there is only the way forward. With every step you take you learn the rules of this new world and begin to understand what is going on and what your objective is.


    • Unique game mechanics and world rules which are nowhere explained . There are no tutorials, no guides, no tips. You will have discover and study them yourself through observation and game mapping, otherwise you won’t be able to move forward beyond level four.
    • Three types of defense systems that will attempt to stop you, as will the game world itself.
    • The game world, consisting of 48 interconnected levels with different playthrough options.
    • Complex puzzles of varied type: from puzzles of pure logic and planning, to puzzles requiring quick thinking and reaction. However, you will not be forced to play in a particular style – the game mode is always your choice.
    • Minimalistic atmospheric game world with narrative elements.
    • Powerful in-game level editor: create your own adventure and share it with your friends.
    Notice: a controller is strongly recommended to play this game.