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    Slime Adventure Legacy bg

    Zdobądź Slime Adventure Legacy zupełnie za darmo!

    Slime Adventure Legacy bg

    Slime Adventure Legacy

    Klucze do gier

    Czas wysyłki

    Do 31 dni


    Klucze do gier


    There is a legend about a magic crystal soars high in the sky, giving its owner great power and fulfilling any desires. Its shine reaches the darkest
    corners of the planet, its brilliance illuminates the souls of the most evil creatures. Many brave heroes set off on a dangerous journey full of
    fear and despair, but no one ever reached destination, and the legends remained legends... But, who knows, maybe you are the very hero worthy of
    the power of the crystal?

    Go through many obstacles, pick up a good moment to jump, jump over spikes, divide, make your way through the water,
    jump off the walls, look for keys to go further and find crystal.

    Collect coins to change the appearance of Slime, buy the skin that you like: viking, hunter, devil and others.

    • 25 levels.
    • 8 skins.
    • Nice soundtrack.
    • Many different obstacles.