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    Primal Lands bg

    Zdobądź Primal Lands zupełnie za darmo!

    Primal Lands bg

    Primal Lands

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    Primal Lands is set in the Stone Age, you will take control of a small tribe that you must guide in surviving what lies ahead. Unknown to their surrounds you must take each action carefully.

    Expanding your tribe, meeting and fighting other tribes, surviving on natures resources.

    • Randomly generated lands from forests to rivers and lakes.
    • Story and creation mode.
    • Survive those that choose to fight against your tribe.
    • Nurture vital resources that nature has provided you.
    • Manage and guide your tribe through tough environments.
    • Learn new ways to survive by researching discovered mammals.
    • Tame or shame your chosen tribe.
    • Use unique god powers from your sacrifice.

    Start your adventure within Story Mode where you will sacrifice your ancestors for the greater good, each sacrifice giving vital resources to continue your journey. Play Creation Mode and generate the land you want for your tribe and survive.

    The game is currently in alpha but is at a stable state in which is playable but is missing certain elements of the core game.