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    Not My Day! bg

    Zdobądź Not My Day! zupełnie za darmo!

    Not My Day! bg

    Not My Day!

    Klucze do gier

    Czas wysyłki

    Do 31 dni


    Klucze do gier


    In this game there will be an absolute Absurdity that will seem strange to some or on the contrary - acceptable.
    The game will tell you about the farmer that quietly saw off the day sitting in front of the TV, after hard work on the farm. All the rest are breaking urgent news that the prison escaped prisoner fancy, which his credo against the victim. Your main task-not to fall into the hands of an unusual prisoner.

    Game type action, will take place in match mode, your goal is to survive until the end of a given time.! The match will be divided into three stages of difficulty, each stage will present its surprises to the player making the story exciting and interesting!

    In the game you can see:

    - Non-standard approach to the gameplay, makes the game much crazier than it really is!
    - Creepy atmosphere (which adds a prisoner of his attractive nature, Oh, this prisoner) .
    - Awesome sound (shouts, reaction to actions, shouts).
    - Fascinating story.
    - A kind of humor.