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    Great War 1914 bg

    Zdobądź Great War 1914 zupełnie za darmo!

    Great War 1914 bg

    Great War 1914

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    The game is a FPS in 90's style. Built on Ray Casting technology, but it has a nice graphics, stylized as shooters of the same years. Has not complicated basis of gameplay; run, shoot and look for an outlet, but during these running you can admire the trenches and ruins of houses, as well as breathe in pure chlorine.

    1914. The Entente is engaged in a bitter struggle with the German Empire. You play as a French soldier on the front line. The Germans really want to throw your battalion back and brutally attack your positions every day. One quiet night, the protagonist sensed something amiss... It turns out that the Kaisers surrounded and crushed your position, destroyed a large number of your brothers in arms and deprived of any hope of salvation.


    • - Weapon Arsenal of the WW1
    • - Classic gameplay
    • - Old school gameplay
    • - Epic music
    • - Graphic design as in Wolfenstein
    • - Setting of the WW1
    • - Variety of locations and environments
    • - Ability to control the tank