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    Deep Race: Space bg

    Zdobądź Deep Race: Space zupełnie za darmo!

    Deep Race: Space bg

    Deep Race: Space

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    Deep Race: Space is Space themed single player racing game. Player can choose from several different unique tracks, where to
    drive against 3 other opponents which has different and unique ships and skills, like opponents has different top speed and handling.

    Player drives with powerful space racer which speed is 500km/h and using turbo button and hitting boostpads
    at track, top speed can reach over 700km/h, but then controls goes more harder. Player can also use airbrakes to control ship at tight corners

    If player drives out of track, he respawns to last checkpoint but also lost lot of time against opponents which also
    can drive out of track. When player reaches yellow colored line race will be end and some tracks has 2 lap races

    Races last 1-2 laps, depending selected track. Some tracks are like ovals and some have more tight corners and are longer
    Some tracks contains music, some only space ships sounds


    - 14 race tracks
    - 2 freeruns, where player drives alone and can test race ship movement and handling and other game features
    - Few Steam achievements
    - 3 different skilled ai opponents:
    - Poor
    - Medium
    - Hard
    - 1-2 laps races
    - Checkpoints where player respawn after driving out of track
    - Boostpads which gives more speed
    - Turbo button which gives more speed, which can be over 700km/h

    ALSO store page include quickref and manuals Controlsnew.pdf file which include controls