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    (4/5) 6 rates
    DarkSoulZXZ, 28 august 2017 04:26

    Zombies Galore - Death Road To Canada -

    When Oregon Trail meets zombies what happens next?Zombies Galore - Death Road To Canada -

          Death Road to Canada is an action-adventure game with some RPG elements, it was developed and published by Rocketcat Games.

         The goal of the game is to reach what I assume to be the only safe haven in the world, Canada. You and a partner team up, hop on a car, brave the roads, fight zombies and struggle for survival by scavenging for resources like food, gas for your vehicle and better weapons to help mow down those hordes of undead. It resembles the design of Oregon Trail in a way that you are given a vast amount of random events during your travel and that you are traveling to a destination with resources that you need to manage.

          During these travels you will encounter random events after a scavenge or even after a random event itself. You are given some choices on the matter which can either net you some resources, improve your morale or just screw you over, keep in mind that the skills of your character do factor in some of these events so choose accordingly. Fortunately, along the way you will encounter people that will join your group that have their own unique quirks.

    It can be considered a Rougelight in some sense, as your base skills do improve by doing tasks like killing an amount of zombies and training a skill to a certain point. These stat improvements can also apply to the custom characters that you create. The customizability of the characters are pretty alright, you get a hefty amount of selections to choose from and the body parts are divided into three, the face, the top and the bottom. You can also get hats, sunglasses and facial hair.

         The artstyle is pixelly and the resolution of the game from the version that I played was smaller than Windows 7 Expert Level Minesweeper. You can easily fit it on the side of the screen while you are browsing the internet. I really like the art design of the game, I think that it fits what the game is going for. A fun, fast-paced game with simple RPG elements and a carefree sense of humor, no dissonance here whatsoever.

         Combat is quite arcady, you will need to hit zombies with a melee weapon or shoot them with a gun. Gun's make noises that will attract more zombies while using melee weapons is limited by your stamina. You will need to rest up at some point or you can no longer swing your weapons effectively.

         DRTC (Death Road to Canada) is a must buy game in my opinion like Terraria, Stardew Valley and Binding of Isaac. The developers keep updating and patching the game with so much content. Be sure to pick it up on Steam on a sale or even now, the 15$ pricetag is worth the price if you like fast pace games that have some Rougelike aspects. Otherwise it's a terrible value proposition if you only play the game once, as a run can only last 5 - 80 minutes.

    Rate this article Zombies Galore - Death Road To Canada -

    (4/5) 6 rates


    Zombie games crazy as always lol

    6 september 2017 20:32

    zobmie ! this game good i love kill zm

    6 september 2017 16:01

    I have to try it

    2 september 2017 22:58

    Interesting - thansk for the write-up.👈🏽

    2 september 2017 22:44

    Veru good!!it's a fantastic

    2 september 2017 20:09


    6 september 2017 12:58

    Canada... haha canada

    2 september 2017 14:06

    amazin I love this game

    2 september 2017 12:20

    very nice

    2 september 2017 11:56

    still playing and enjoying the game till now

    10 july 2020 12:03