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    (4.12/5) 26 rates
    serbum_votca_bere, 28 august 2017 04:11

    Grand Theft Auto Five review

    Hi, this review is going to discuss about GTA V. It was released on September 17, 2013 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360, and the Xbox One and Playstation 4 on 18 November 2014, and finally on the PC in January 27, 2015. For PC version of Rockstar Games has worked for 7 years. Since the launch of the game on the Xbox and Playstation consoles One 4, it too has received the upgrade. Instead now gets update only on consoles Xbox and PlayStation 4 and One on the PC version. A good example would be the last update "GTA Online Smuggler's Run", updating and now Gta Online. 

    The story :
    In the story of the game we have 3 protagonists: Michael Townley; Franklin Clinton and Trevor Philips. With 9 years ago Michael Townley and Trevor Philips failed with a robbery from Ludendorff, North after her Yankton. started a new life. Franklin was put out by the boss or go to steal a car that was bought by his son Michael. Franklin had the misfortune of waking up with Michael in the back seat. It put him to betray the boss. After that they became friends and Trevor was learned that Michael gets in Los Santos. He came to seek and find They have gone through a lot of adventures but at the end of the game you can choose from the perspective of Franklin if you want to kill one of the protagonists kill him or Become Weston
    Game graphics :
    it has very good graphics and in the present time among the games with the best graphics. They have been working on vehicles, the characters, the animations and especially to the map.

    It has no songs like we're used in older games from the GTA franchise, it has a lot of radio stations and the ability to create your own radio station where you can put any song you want.

    Atmosphere :
    Atmosphere, took place in Los Santos, a city where there are gangs, mafia and many others.

    Gameplay :
    The Gameplay is not at all similar to other games in the franchise. In story mode you have 3 protagonists with different missions and all at once you can meet all 3 and make different actions (for example you can go to a bar or a Strip Club). All together in singleplayer you can buy clothes, you can make your girlfriend, you can buy garages, you can buy stocks, you can tuna car after you buy like helicopters, cars/boats/you can lead to hunt, you can make races/marathons and many others. You can do it online in heist-friends, your own racing car company and many others.

    In conclusion :
    GTA V is one of the hottest games of the year and worth trying and played singleplayer and multiplayer. Please G2A achiziona off with steam or 30es with 59, 99e.

    Rate this article Grand Theft Auto Five review

    (4.12/5) 26 rates


    game is good i play it daily its really fum game i like it

    22 september 2021 08:08

    just waiting for gta 6.

    29 may 2021 09:14

    game is good ,company is worse

    4 september 2017 23:57

    It's a good game.

    My review done.

    1 september 2017 17:34

    i like gta 5 im collecting now for it

    8 march 2020 22:03

    I'm the first to comment... !
    And being a simple man, I see GTA and I jump into the comments :)

    1 september 2017 16:12

    Grand Theft Auto Five was a good game. But now is more boring, but still a good game.

    22 september 2019 09:05

    One of the best GTAs so far... but I still like GTA SA as it can run on many systems without graphics card by maintaining good visuals...

    4 september 2017 11:12

    It's 2021 already but we have not seen a new GTA game. :/

    3 may 2021 11:26

    besttt game ever

    29 december 2018 20:33