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    (4.25/5) 24 rates
    Neckloacen, 5 august 2017 04:01

    x50 Hearthstone Cards

    Is x50 Hearthstone cards is a good purchase?

    Should you use Gamehag to purchase hearthstone cards? The problem is that Soulgems aren't purchasable, you have to earn them. The best we can do to check is to compare the exchange rate of Soulgems to the cost of games or gift cards. To buy a £5 Steam gift card, it takes 3k Soulgems. There is a small discount with higher costing gift cards but it's almost insignificant. The other way to check the price is to compare it to other games. The Hearthstone cards and Euro Truck Simulator both cost 3.5k Soulgems. Euro Truck costs $20.00. This means that the Soulgems have a variety of prices that they could be. Even Minecraft which is up for 10k Soulgems is just a couple dollars more than Euro Truck. The only way to know if the price is better is by taking the average between these to put a price to Soulgems and then see if the price is less than that for 10 packs of Hearthstone cards.

    Gift Card (£5) 3k SG                      600
    Euro Truck (£20) 3.5k SG            175
    Minecraft (£27) 10K SG               370
    Average Price per £1                      382

    The next step is to see how much money 10 Hearthstone packs cost. Hearthstone has several packages of cards to purchase including 1, 2, 7, 15, 40, and 60 packs. Single packs can only be purchased using coins so you cannot buy 7, 2, then 1 to equal 10. we Instead have to but 5 sets of 2. Each set of 2 packs costs £3. In total buying, all ten packs would cost £15. Now if we take the Hearthstone packs cost and multiply it by the average Soulgem price we get 5730 Soulgems. This is the cost that the hearthstone cards could be put at instead of 3.5k Soulgems. This means you are saving about 1.6 times the amount of money by using Soulgems instead of money.

    It is already better to get cards just by playing games, but also saving money while you do it is a great plus.

    Rate this article x50 Hearthstone Cards

    (4.25/5) 24 rates


    thanks for this, i got a legendary with this set.

    30 december 2021 15:46

    good for time spend

    17 march 2020 02:38

    i like this article

    12 january 2020 16:26

    Hearthsrone my favourite game 😍😍!!

    9 august 2021 06:55

    good articlee

    29 march 2020 23:46

    Thank you for your in-depth analysis.

    6 february 2020 07:28

    I still prefer free playing.

    12 april 2020 06:44

    I find heartstone to be complicated, but your article was interesting to read nevertheless, I wish I knew this game better though

    28 april 2020 22:53

    Hearthstone is one of the best card games out there. Very addictive to play and it has some very great graphics and concept.

    10 september 2020 00:11

    I got Edwin VanCleef from a 50 cards set, nice article tho

    15 january 2020 16:10