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    LilShaddie, 5 august 2017 12:01

    My thoughts on IMVU

    Alrighty, so it's this game, eh? I actually did play this once or twice before last year and just didn't feel like touching down onn it again, because it's quite the MMO...


    From what i can remember, IMVU is a social MMO where you talk to ransom strangers, hang out with random strangers and party! ...with random strangers.

    Yeah, alright, so at first, i always thought it was a dating MMO (which i think that's what it's supposed to be) but then i did the unthinkable and created an IMVU account in 2016.

    So how the game works is there's a million different servers and you can go to different 3D evironments to walk around or chat with others in. It's also a roleplaying magnet because i remember a lot of people roleplaying on it. But if you don't prefer being social in an online game, then you can chill out all by yourself in your personal penthouse. You can use Credits to purchase furniture for your penthouse, as well clothes, accessories, gestures and many other things for your avatar. But the catalouge itself is more like a Steam Workshop type of deal. People can create and upload many different items to this catalogue that you can purchase with credits.

    But if you don't prefer normal clothes, how about 3D models of characters from other media, like Mario or Sonic or even... Freddy Fazbear? Really?

    Alright, so now you know about the currency, but how does one earn Credits, you ask? Well, that's simple. You can play Minigames against other users and win Credits, you can watch ads or do surveys for Credits or you can purchase an IMVU card from your local store that houses then and use them on the website.

    IMVU cards also give you VIP, which i i guess you can buy cooler stuff or get Credits daily or something? Idk but i didn't want to drop down the cash to see what it's all about.

    Oh, speaking of those 3D models of characters, if you play certain Minigames with them, like the Bejewled style dancing game, your character will be dancing alongside your opponent. It was quite funny to see Mario's arms clip through his belly, and also to see an animatronic bear break-dancing.

    Y'know, i think there's not much else to say abou tthis game except it's a social dating MMO. I originally gave it a go for the lolz, but i found it boring pretty quickly. Unless you're someone who loves roleplaying a whole bunch, this may not be the game for you.

    Personally, i'd give it a 5/10, mainly because i love the catalouge that's filled with so many random things that you quite literally never know what you could find within it's digital pages. The Minigames were also kinda fun, but that's all i really enjoyed tbh.

    Rate this article My thoughts on IMVU

    (4/5) 20 rates


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