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    Rate this article "Why should I buy or not buy Don't starve together "

    (4.79/5) 14 rates
    Cseris, 9 august 2017 08:56

    Why should I buy or not buy Don't starve together

    No achivements, no objectives, nothing, why should I buy this game?

    If you like Tim Burton's art, enjoy survival games, and have friends to play on steam, this game will probably give you a lot of fun.

    What is this game about?
    The main goal of this game is to survive (don't starve, don't get killed by the monsters or environmental damage, etc...) while you try to make a base or shelter that help you survive with your fiends, or against them.

    Why is this game different from other survival games?
    This is a sandbox survival game, you can customize the map layout, mosters, and food. This means you can use your imagination to create challenges with your friends.

    I like the art, but I don't like the characters, can I add my own characters?
    Yes you can! Don't starve together have a workshop, here you can download templates to make your own character (there are a lot of guides) or download a new character.

    Why should I spend my money on this game?
    In this game you can really test your friends teamwork.
    I suggest you wait for it to be on a sale. 

    I don't have friends to play with me, can I play with random people and enjoy?
    • Yes, there are a lot of people hosting maps with some crazy rules that will make the game fun, like pvp or really long nights.

      Some random tips:
      -Try to make your base near the buffalos.
      - Don't eat all your food to have your belly full all the time. You can survive all the year with only half stomatch full. 
      - For combat you will need to learn to kite, tanking a mosnter and mashing attack will not only lower your healt, but also your sanity.
      - Flowers spawn butterflies really fast, which can be a good food source.
      - Focus on storing a lot of food before winter.
      - Don't waste time.
      - Always check if you have fire before leaving a safe zone.
      - Try to agree on a common goal before creating a map (survive one year, beatl all the bosses, conquer all the map).

      Personal opinion
      Buy this game on a sale and play with friends.
      This game is really fun with a lot of friends.
      This game is better played with keyboard and mouse.

    Rate this article Why should I buy or not buy Don't starve together

    (4.79/5) 14 rates


    is a good game grapics are like caroline

    4 may 2020 08:14

    Very good,man i like it so much

    19 august 2017 23:09

    I'll play it to see what it's like to be dead.

    11 may 2020 09:14

    This game only shine when you play with friends, single player get bored after less than a week.

    2 february 2019 17:38

    I never heard of it...nice article.

    18 may 2021 10:42

    very good good article you shpuld play it ^^

    17 april 2020 08:31

    Really good game, but you need some company, because singleplayer is not really interesting.

    12 march 2020 06:45

    i love don't starve, but i had serious laggy troubles whenever i tried multiplayer. anyone else had issues like that?

    17 august 2017 21:11

    Nice article bro!

    20 april 2019 19:59

    I might consider getting this game after all

    21 august 2017 17:00