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    Rate this article "War Thunder, Sons of Attila unlisted changes"

    (4.64/5) 78 rates
    Ascarie, 20 september 2023 14:32

    War Thunder, Sons of Attila unlisted changes

    I guess all of us, War Thunder players have been hyped for the new update in War Thunder; Sons of Attila.
    The main article showing the major changes have been announcent on War Thunder's official newsire, but some things weren't mentioned.

    In this article we'll go through most of those unmentioned changes, so let's get to it!

    War Thunder
    The "Sons of Attila" was the first major fall update that came out on September 19th. The update consisted of lots of new features and a new nation; Hungary. Such features were the damagable smoke grenades on tanks or completely remade research trees, but those have been mentioned already and you can check them out on the War Thunder's official page if you are interested in reading about them:
    [News] Meet Major Update “Sons of Attila”! - News - War Thunder

    But some new changes haven't been mentioned in the newsire at all and it's time for us to get to know them, so stay with me!
    We'll discuss most of those changes and new features in this article with pictures.

    1.) Realistic Air Battle AAA AI update.
    Mid-field AAA has gotten extremely oppressive in the lower BR's of air  realistic battles. Queues are extremely small, of 20 people in average at  2.3-2.7. Your plane will be out of action
    he AI has been modified in Air Battles.
    We all know the feel when we're just trying to dogfight against an enemy plane and we get damaged by ground AI. Now this has been changed.
    From now on ground AAA won't attack you unless you shot at them or you are carrying anti-ground weaponry.
    This change will affect those people who were mainly playing with fighters with no AG weaponry.

    2.) Suspended weapons on the Aircraft can now be destroyed.
    War Thunder planes: the best aircraft | Wargamer
    Your bombs and rockets are not safe anymore!
    From now on, anything outside your aircraft, be it bomb, missiles or rockets, they all can be destroyed. Shots will either damage them or explode them from now on. So beware what you bring to battles! Count your anti-ground armaments and what you carry well in ground battles if you don't want to lose your aircraft!

    3.) New repair cost changes
    Development] [RoadMap] Economy Revision - Our Plan in Detail - News - War  Thunder
    Repair costs of every airplane, ship, boat and ground vehicles have been completely reworked. You are no longer paying full repair price if you get killed early on the game. Repair costs have been remade into two categories:
    - Time based > From now on, repair costs depend on the time you are alive with your vehicle. For example 600SL/min alive.
    - Maximum > A match can take up to 20 minutes and it would actually cost you quite alot if you played a vehicle for too long. Maximum amount of repair price has been set, therefore you cannot exceed the original repair costs. For example Maximum 6,500SL

    4.) Now you can change the flag on your ships
    You can change the flags on the back of ships now. However even if you  already own a national flag you need to buy it again : r/Warthunder
    A new customization option has been added to those (10) people who are fan of the naval battles. You now have a brand new option to change the flag on your ships. You can even be a pirate from now on!

    5.) Complete new icons for vehicle showcase.
    The preview images of your vehicles have been completely changed to be much clearer. From now on you are no longer stuck on black & white pictures showcasing vehicles unclearly, but showing a rather similiar showcase for every single vehicle.
    Keep in mind that there are still various picture errors that will be fixed in a moment.

    6.) Newer modification research interface
    Research interface has been slightly changed, now it shows the exact amount of research points needed for various levels of modification that will also grant RP bonuses. Not only that, but it also shows the exact amount of research points needed to research the whole tree.

    That's all I could collect for now, thanks for reading!
    I hope you enjoyed getting some new informations!
    Have fun Thunderers!

    Rate this article War Thunder, Sons of Attila unlisted changes

    (4.64/5) 78 rates

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    well this game looks really impressive but i wish if they add fps to be like battlefiled

    19 july 2024 10:45

    Thanks great updates!

    3 february 2024 06:16

    Very informative and very nice!!!Thanks

    20 september 2023 16:23

    great updates!

    5 october 2023 14:38

    Very informative and very nice!!!

    15 october 2023 18:50