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    Rate this article "War Thunder... Is it a good game?"

    (3.54/5) 13 rates
    KillerBeez425, 18 august 2017 13:28

    War Thunder... Is it a good game?

    What is War Thunder and how is its gameplay
    Here is the link to the game should you want to try it.
    Base Launcher: https://warthunder.com/en
    Steam Ver. : http://store.steampowered.com/app/236390/War_Thunder/

    The Game is described as "The Next Generation MMO Combat Game for PC"

    War Thunder,
    A Game Described as "The Next Generation MMO Combat Game for PC"

    The gameplay itself from the get-go is very staight forward.
    The playerbase is huge and graphics are as awesome as it can get. The tutorials at the beggining are very very rewarding. As just doing the tutorials somewhat give you a huge amount of in-game currency. Which in end may help you to purchase future plane upgrades.
    Also the download size is pretty DECENT based on the graphics of the game.
    The game also allows you to play as a Pilot of a Fighter Plane all the way to the Pilot of a BOMBER.
    The game also gives you the freedom to do stunts as you are in the air.
    You can take the battle to the air with the Swift P-40 American fighter
    Or to the ground with the earth-shaking Tiger Tank of the Germans
    Soon enough says the devs, take the fight to the SEA.

    A few tips from me would be to buy one of each type of plane and see which one suits your play style.
    If you want a more heavy TF2 approach I would suggest the German heavy fighters.
    But if you want a more of scout-speed-fighter I would suggest the American fighters. Especially the P-40.
    Everything about the game itself is just MARVELOUS. I don't know how else I am suppose to put this but. You need to play the game if your in to all the planes, explosions, and awesome graphics. What makes the game so MARVELOUS on my part. Is that is FREE most games that are free really don't give that PAID game punch of "umph" but this one out of the rest based of MY opinon, as I always say in my articles. Give that PAID game "umph" and also it is NOT PAY-TO-WIN. Some games out there that ARE free. Sometimes are PAY-TO-WIN meaning, you need to spend atleast an amount of money to WIN the game, or to ADVANCE further into the game.

    So MY final verdict on this game, again this is based on MY OPINION so please don't rage on me.
    But the game is AWESOME. And I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT for people looking for a fun FREE-TO-PLAY game. So I hope to see some of the people reading this article mine to play the game.

    Rate this article War Thunder... Is it a good game?

    (3.54/5) 13 rates


    fun game

    26 august 2017 21:43

    It's a great game.
    @noobda warframe is way better.

    10 february 2020 08:43

    Any good game To Buy Frm Here?

    26 august 2017 20:46

    i like this game

    23 august 2017 15:21

    Best free to play game out there 👍

    28 august 2017 15:06

    I dont like it

    26 august 2017 19:48

    no, this game is worst ever made for realtime battlefield/war game category. the ingame items is costly and the developers are suck...

    14 october 2020 15:50

    Warthunder is honestly a great game, and I enjot playing the game!

    8 july 2020 14:11

    Any good game To Buy Frm Here?

    21 december 2020 20:42

    warface or warframe from steam? which one is better

    24 august 2017 09:12