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    Misty, 24 september 2019 06:26

    War Thunder - Review

    War Thunder is a network game kept in a free-to-play formula. It allows you to play historical campaigns known from the period of the Korean War and World War II. A characteristic feature of this game is the opportunity to participate in combined battles. Tanks, planes and ships can stand on the same battlefield against each other. Victory depends on the cooperation and interaction between all of these groups of warmachines.

    The Russian studio Gaijin Entertainment is the one responsible for creating and publishing War Thunder. You can know the studio from such productions as Birds of Steel, Wings of Prey or Apache: Air Assault.

    War Thunder surprises very positively. After the announcements, the players expected an interesting game, but the game exceeded our expectations. The player can dive in this game for very long hours. We have played it even at nights.

    The game surprises with its possibilities and its mechanics - total war. The gameplay has an arcade character, and at the same time is a very advanced simulator. Which elements prevail, is closely related to the chosen settings and level of difficulty. It also matters whether you are going to play with the joystick or mouse keyboard. We can tell you, that it’s the mouse that works best in the arcade mode.