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    Misty, 24 september 2019 06:36

    War Thunder - Game Guide

    If you decided to join the group of people who play War Thunder, you should learn some tips and tricks which will make the gameplay easier and more interesting.


    Always use the tutorials! We know that this task is much more boring than online gameplay, but thanks to tutorial you will be perfectly prepared for the fight and the control will not have any secrets for you. The creators of War Thunder know that players do not like this form of education, that's why as an additional incentive, one hundred Gold Eagles (in-game currency) are given for completing the first tutorial. You can then exchange the Golden Eagles for armament for tanks or planes. However, do it carefully. Normally this virtual currency is available for real money, so it is quite a valuable option. It is worth considering what will you spend it on at first. Further parts of the tutorials are also awarded, but with a different currency - Silver Lions. These, in turn, can be used to purchase additional aircrafts, tanks, or basic equipment for your machines.


    The player has several tabs in War Thunder. Each one serves a different purpose and it is worth using them. Game options allow you to maneuver among various settings. Here, according to your preferences, you can set things such as automatic login or, for example, the type of speed measurement unit. Here you can also adjust the sounds and set the interface. The next tab is the Encyclopedia. Here you will learn everything about the history that is associated with a specific model of the aircraft, or learn about the course of the fight in a given territory. The rankings will allow you to check the player's position in the world ranking or the ranking of the best players. You will find the best and the worst game results here. Each ranking is associated with typical settings and possibilities, so do not worry too much, if, for example, you are in a very remote place in the global one. In another ranking it can be quite the opposite. Replays are a tab that allows you to watch automatically saved movies from our game. The automatic record applies to the last ten battles fought. This is a very interesting option for all people who like to create souvenirs from the game and edit various movies. You can share them on social networks with other players. They love it! The benchmark is a tab that allows you to test the game's performance on the graphic settings we have. This will allow you to check whether you can use attractive details at the highest level without jamming. The last tab is the Game Creators. Here you can find out the names of all the people behind this work.

    Game modes

    War Thunder provides various game modes. We divide them into an arcade, realistic and simulation battle. Arcade is the standard battle mode. Control in this mode is no different from other arcade games. The simulation battle, as the name suggests, focuses on simulation and the realistic battle combines the features of the other two modes. Each type of fight differs in terms of possibilities and difficulties. For example, in simulation mode, aiming a tank is not facilitated by the presence of a red cross. We have to figure out how to shoot accurately.

    Interesting facts

    It's good to know that the United States has great B-17 bombers and great jets. Fighters, on the other hand, are fast, but unfortunately poorly armored and armed. It is a nation that was created mainly for bombers. Soviet Union machines require the player to have some experience and skills. They can get overloaded. This nation was created to play with specific planes. Great Britain is perfect for a beginner player. In turn, Japan is a nation only experienced players can cope to play with.. Germany is intended for players with moderate skills. The quality of machines increases as experience grows.

    Rate this article War Thunder - Game Guide

    (4.52/5) 165 rates

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    I didn't really like the game, I wouldnt recommend it, to be honest.

    12 november 2019 23:41

    aipqnws9hddpqopopoaga uqf w

    9 november 2019 04:09

    Waoh i love the graphics the out look is well made congrats guys.

    18 november 2019 11:10

    Please update the requirements

    24 october 2019 01:00

    hi i need level 3 and i will be grateful to you a me profesiona

    23 november 2019 13:18

    You won't learn anything by reading, everyone! Go try it, and learn by gaming!

    23 november 2019 09:42

    waw *** this is sick

    22 november 2019 13:14

    A very well written article, good job :)

    22 november 2019 11:38

    Leveling up in this game takes ages, it would need you to be number 1 every match in order to level up at a normal rate

    8 november 2019 13:57

    cool game.I really like it. But some times it is too hard but it is still ok. I always play with the planes. Good game and good article. Good job!

    18 october 2019 19:27