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    (5/5) 10 rates
    noobda, 15 november 2017 11:16

    Virtua Tennis 4 [PC] - Review

    So, this game is a sports game which includes all the real names and real faces of the pro-tennis players... What I'm interested about the game is that this game can run on potato PCs without any graphics card smoothly, in other words its playable in almost all laptops and PCs.

    If you're having a graphics card, its just an added advantage to view things with huge graphics and yes, its amazing to see a tennis video game look so realistic as of now....

    This game also has some mini games type modes which are quite interesting than the main game itself... read along to find out more about Virtua Tennis 4 on PC

    In case you're wondering this game is called 

    Virtua Tennis 4 

    not Virtual, I don't know why they removed the 'L' from the virtual though. The game is just a robust mix of awesome physics and great visuals with immersive gameplay....

    In case you're wondering how the game looks like, here it is____

    About the game itself:


    Virtua Tennis 4

    is a 3rd sequel making it the 4th tennis game from the renowned developer of many awesome games 


    the maker of the game The Incredible Hulk and many play-to-fun games... Some of the main features of the game are as follows:

    • Available for most of the Platforms including Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC [windows], PlayStation Vita, and Wii
    • Full Controller support, I mean full 100% you can use xbox360 gamepad or can play with xbox controls which can be set from the launcher of the game
    • Career Mode is a big advantage in the game, which has WorldTour
    • Publisher: SEGA
    • Developer: Sega and sega hitmaker are the developers for this game and as the name itself suggests its from the series Virtua Tennis fame
    • The main thing: Its 4-player game, so you can play with 3 others on a single PC, with split screen I guess, but what I'm sure is you can play Doubles with someone on the same screen without sharing the split screen, which makes this a 2-player game

    Here are some of the scores of the game,

    • IGN: 7/10
    • Gamespot: 5.5/10
    • Metacritic: 66%

    Well, these doesn't matter if you like the game as it is.... And from the above image you can say the names and identify the players from the game....

    Below are some game modes from the game which are quite interesting obviously...

    The modes here are simple and basic:

    • Arcade Mode: Where you have play 4 matches with increasing difficulty and changing the pitch and stadium along with the players you play, PS: The 4th (last) match will be of the highest Difficulty and is a bit hard to complete/win
    • Exhibition: Its just playing the game with the player of your choice with what ever and where ever you like
    • World Tour: Its basically the Career Mode in the game which is fantastic with Player Creation, but you have to choose from the given player models to some extent and then you can customize them to your choice
    • Party Mode [The fantastic mode here]: Here you can actually play far more than just tennis, yes chickens, bombs, explosions, cards, casino and way much fun than anything available here

    Here are some of the party modes or you can call them mini games which are 

    absolute fun

    once you get to know how to play the main game itself and then the mini game rules... You'll be hitting and beating your own high-score over and over again....

    And the best part of this game is that you can play 2 player game when ever and where ever possible, and yes you must have at least one gamepad to be able to play two player game.

    As you continue to progress in the Career Mode or the World Tour you will be able to unlock many different stadiums and many other players who have some special abilities which will just take the game to a whole lot new level, yep a lot of skill is required here lately...

    And here's Roger Federer of Switzerland who is considered the Worlds best player, and recently he dropped to 2nd place it seems but any how he's the Legendary Player of Tennis.....

    This is yet another mini game which requires some aiming and different shots including the basic knowledge of poker or some knowledge about the pack of cards from the card game, which you'll learn in no time after you start playing the game which is absolutely fun and amazing...


    This is one of the best sports game developed by a good pulbisher and the best game with best gameplay so far in the PC, yes after FIFA and NFL not to forget the EA Cricket ofcourse...


    Rate this article Virtua Tennis 4 [PC] - Review

    (5/5) 10 rates


    I love tennis

    19 november 2017 20:31

    Do you guys think there are any other tennis games as smooth as this one???

    19 november 2017 14:54

    definately an interesting title

    9 july 2018 04:18

    do you see that mrriddick is spamming ? he comment that again and again

    6 april 2019 12:24