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    (4.2/5) 15 rates
    noobda, 15 november 2017 11:44

    EA Cricket 07 [PC] - Review

    Don't confuse with the name EA Cricket07, Its just Electronic Arts Sports game who are the publishers of this game are developed some part of this game along with HB Studios.

    This is the best sports game that is related to Cricket till date, yes why I say best is because it can run on any potato PC at more then 50fps with highest settings, and yes the game is locked to 4:3 aspect ratio but you can change this to 16:9 later, I'll tell you how to do that in the review, so read on to find out more about this masterpiece...

    This is how the CD cover looks like, and yes its pegi rating is 3+, don't laugh at it, it takes a 18year guy some times to understand how to play the game and here we are where 3+ people are allowed to play :) Anyhoo, the best  because you can play the game with many many many mods, yes you heard that right, there are many many mods for this game, you can even develop and create, well actually all you need to do is edit the jersey and colour along with names in the game and great you've already created a mod for this game.

    There are many mod editors available for this game which are pretty basic stuff and fun to use and easily understood by many users.

    About the game itself:

    The game is developed by HB Studios and EA Canada, and it was published by EA Sports who belong from Electronic Arts as many of you are familiar with, these guys are known to create some awesome sport video games from the past couple of years...
    Some say that this game is limited ot 4:3 aspect ratio but you can expand the display to look like its 16:9 but the resolution remains the same but you can see the diplay stretched which fills out the letter boxes on either sides of the display....

    Here is the bowling from the game, you'll notice that it requires a lot of skill and patience which is most important to get wickets in this game....

    In case you're wondering how the start screen of the game looks like, here it is

    If you mod the game or install some IPL or ICL mod in the game just by copying some requisite files into the game directory you'll see many changes from the start screen itself as it changes everything and you can even create your face on top of the start and pause menu of the game, if you wish in doing so...

    The batting in this game is just awesome and there's no reason that some one just likes the batting in this game and doesn't play the rest of the game which results in the simulation of the game which here is known as Auto Play, which is good as its quite random as some bowlers can score much and even some batsmen get duck out in auto play, so it is based on randomness of the game, again some like it and some dislike it. Its personal choice....

    Multi-Player: Did I mention that in this game you can play 2-player game along with your friend?
    You can both play in a single team as a team and can do a lot of things together or just play versus mode along with your friend... All you need is a gamepad, but I can confirm that even if you have 2 keyboards, you can play 2 players in this game by remapping the controls for 1st player and 2nd player far apart in the keyboard such that they don't accidentally hit the keys of the other player, which is quite fun and EZ considering you have a friend!

    When a player hits half-century or hits a century he gets his stats shown like in the above picture which is nice and fun to achieve...

    You can replay specific shots or all shots or balls form the menu but only one ball at a time, you can only replay the last or the previous ball not the ball before the last/previous ball which is not possible.

    And after the innings, you'll be able to view all the wickets in the match which are shown as a replay in action, which can seen as long as you wish....

    Conclusion: This is by far the best Cricket game for all PCs and potato laptops which can't run the newer games smoothly, the bonus is that you can create as many players as you want and you can also create a whole team with the choice of your players or created players, which will inturn make your team invincible... :)

    Thanks :)

    Rate this article EA Cricket 07 [PC] - Review

    (4.2/5) 15 rates


    wowi kapaw wi

    19 november 2017 19:41

    Oh! its a monster!!!

    19 november 2017 06:26


    28 january 2020 17:09

    what stop this game from being popular over the world ?

    6 april 2019 12:24