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    OrangutanGanja, 10 january 2018 08:58

    Valve's new Steam UI overhaul is still in the works

    Valve's promise of a new Steam UI overhaul is still in development after last year February leaks were seen in the Steam database on Github from the Steam beta update by some users who found out new pictures of a new steam UI overhall. The pictures from the beta later got removed by Valve.

    According to Valve product designer Aiden Kroll, Valve is said to be hosting a developer gathering in Milan, Italy on 22nd January to discuss topics and improvements that the developers would like to see as changes and implement new ideas if they have any. Interested video game developers can also take part in the Valve's new presentation where they will share their new Steam UI look with others. The presentation will include Q&A discussions for features such as changes in the Steam Library, Rich content display, screenshots, guides, artworks, achievements, items, badges and events. Valve will also include specific features such as muting certain curators.

    The images leaked last year were specifically a mockup representations which showcased Metal Gear solid 5: The Phantom Pain followed by some Dota 2 updates. It has been taken under consideration that it would require a significant amount of time for valve to finish the project which they are usually known for which some people refer to as "Valve time" where take take of not months, years to finish a certain project that they begin to start work at, one of the most notable one was a Team Fortress 2 hitbox bug which took Valve an astonishing 10 years to fix with other projects such as Half Life 3 which is still yet to see the light of the day.

    Kroll also greeted Spanish video game developers on Twitter and said that Valve staff will be visiting Barcelona as hosts for a gathering on 24th January and he welcomed all developers if any of them who are interested would like to visit the conference. It is not known why Valve is taking a lot of time for the Steam Overhaul UI to finish whether if it is because they run into some kind of difficulty or if it is because in recent years they have ran out of motivation and now are lacking behind. Perhaps it is for us to wait and find out.

    Rate this article Valve's new Steam UI overhaul is still in the works

    (4.63/5) 8 rates


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