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    OrangutanGanja, 10 january 2018 11:24

    5 PlayStation 4 exclusives expected in 2018

    The year of 2018 is kickstarting with a lot of anticipation for upcoming exclusive video game releases on different platforms one of which happens to be community's favourite platform PlayStation. Lets take a look at some of the top exclusive PlayStation games coming out  in 2018 be it on the PS4 Pro or the PS4.

    The Last of Us Part II

    The Last of Us Part II is one of the most anticipated sequels to the Last of Us Part I, to be releasing in 2018 which is currenly under development by Naughty Dog who happens to be one of the most creative developers in the Video game industry also known for creating the Uncharted series. The trailer had a lot of brutal moments between what seemed to be four never seen before new characters one of them played by Laura Bailey. The Last of Us part II started its development journey from 2014 with Troy Baker and Ashley Johnson returning as Joel and Ellie for all the motion capture performances. The announcement for the game took place at the end of 2016 at a Sony event with the Trailer releasing in October 2017 during the Paris Games Week

    God of War

    God of War is an Action-adventure game currently under development from the Santa Monica Studio of Sony Interactive Entertainment branch and is said to be releasing somewhere around Q1 of 2018. It will be the eighth installment of the God of War franchise where the Legendary Video Game God of War Kratos will sport a full grown beard in his old age, living with his son Atreus among the monsters and warriors of the Norse god world. Kratos goes out on a quest to find purpose and teach his son how to survive and also to keep his rage under control so that he does not torments the will of the Norse gods who is watching over him. The development for God of War started around 2014 with announcements made in December of that year. The first trailer for the game was released at E3 2016 followed by the next at E3 2017.

    Death Stranding

    Perhaps maybe one of the most fan favourite and highly anticipated game after Konami axed one of our most beloved Video game creator of the industry, Hideo Kojima. But soon after he discovered new found love with Sony who backed him up entirely for his next venture with his "Ludens" or us his players, Death Stranding, starring Denmark's national treasure Mads Mikkelsen and The Walking Dead star Norman Reedus. It is unknown as to which world and settings the game will take place in but according to few hints given by Hideo Kojima, the game will have something to do with afterlife and sticks and ropes that people used to survive at early stages in the evolution of humanity. As per rumous and analysis, community favourite youtuber Yong Yea analyzed Mads Mikkelsen's character as "Osiris" from the Ancient Egyptian lore with Norman's character Sam having some special abilities superior than others. Death Stranding went into development somewhere around 2016 with reveals at E3 which attracted a lot of people's attention for its unique and different game idea. The game uses Guerrilla game's Decima engine which Hideo Kojima was gifted in an small box during his visit.

    Days Gone

    Days Gone is a survival-zombie, Action-adventure horror game currently under development from SIE Bend Studios published by Sony Interactive Entertainment. The game revolves around a Deacon St. John, a bounty hunter who lives a dangerous daring life on the open road in wilderness. The game features a zombie apocalypse open world created using the Unreal Engine 4, for which the game started development at early 2015 around January. The trailer revealed a lot of survival aspects of the game such as hiding from hoards of zombies or killing, placing traps, rescuing survivors, crafting mechanism an various other gameplay elements. The game is expected to release sometime around 2018.

    Detroit: Become Human

    Detroit: Become Human is an upcoming video game under development by Quantic Dream, the same developer team responsible for the critically acclaimed and award winning Beyond: Two Souls and Heavy Rain. The game went into pre-production in 2013 and is based on a tech demo called "Kara" which was showcased in 2012. The game is being written by David Cage and Adam Williams, one of the Industry's most widely known writers who is taking the same previous approach and mechanics that fans loved like in their previous games. The game was announced on October 2015 on the Paris Games Week event with trailers showcased at E3 2016 and 2017. The game's trailer featured a story where all the outcomes which can be more than 10-20 are based on player's choices. The game has numerous endings and pathways to different stories where the players are purely responsible for through their choices whether to mend peace with others, or go rogue and revolt against the Megacorporations with the society. The game is expected to arrive sometimes around Q1 or Q2 of 2018.

    Rate this article 5 PlayStation 4 exclusives expected in 2018

    (4.13/5) 8 rates


    This is one **** of a game that's just on Consoles...

    10 january 2018 17:12