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    Rate this article "Valve are ruining csgo after every update."

    (4.31/5) 48 rates
    BlobbyPixel, 21 june 2017 16:00

    Valve are ruining csgo after every update.

    I think valve kind of ruined the game with all the new updates
    For an example, i think all the new csgo collections are really bad
    and that's because they don't really care about the game anymore they care  only about  the money
    Let me know what do you think about them!

    I wanted to write this article to let people know what I think about the new cs:go collections
    Hydra, Spectrum I personally think the new collections are really useless and it's a money generator for valve company
    I mean, they are just adding new cases with new skins I think it's ruining the game because slowly the players will not care about the game anymore
    They are gonna just think about skins all day and forget the real game. Valve already affected some players with the skins. There are some players who think that if you don't have skins you are bad at the game Because currently,  csgo is broken and I can tell you over 3000+ problems with csgo that they can fix but again "Skins Only" so I guess they are not gonna fix them but Adding skins Again this is a company that reminds me of Microsoft because they already have a lot of money but they still want more. They are getting the money out of the keys or adding money to the steam wallet or the steam market and more.
    It just shows us how badly valve want's the money because like I said CSGO IS BROKEN They can fix it but again it's not gonna happened because people are still playing the game and kids are still getting scammed Valve could stop all the gambling stuff but they don't want to because when someone loses a skin the addiction will give valve more and more money So i say
    "Stop Thinking About Skins And Just Play The Game!"
    Skins are made to give money to Valve and to make yourself look a little bit cooler
    I say you can gamble with free coins or stuff like that but don't waste your own money on the game
    So have an amazing day thank you so much GameHag for letting me say what i think about the game

    Best Regards

    Rate this article Valve are ruining csgo after every update.

    (4.31/5) 48 rates


    2020, the game is still good i'd say. Althought the free update .I play this every single day nice update bro

    11 february 2021 01:55

    I hate Valve there removing TF2 but CDGO Is awesome.

    9 april 2020 07:23

    just money is important for them

    25 april 2020 08:47

    this csgo is so beautiful texture

    23 april 2020 06:44

    2020, the game is still good i'd say. Althought the free update brought many hackers it's still good

    14 june 2020 12:09

    Wow, is very niceee article bro i like you nice update bro so thanksss bro

    9 april 2020 23:58

    cgo biraz sıktı yeni savaşlar gelmeli

    4 march 2021 13:14

    nice update bro so thankss bro

    25 december 2019 22:24

    I play This everyday Before my Uncle Grounded me and he kept the laptop

    5 february 2021 03:54

    I play this every single day when i come home from school

    30 march 2020 11:24