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    (4.23/5) 149 rates
    rasbach, 8 june 2020 19:13

    Valorant Battle Pass Worth Buying?

    Valorant Battle Pass Worth Buying?

    When Valorant came out, on June 2, 2020. 
    It came with a new battle pass/“Ignition: Act 1”
    So I am going to show you:

    -What is the battle pass?
    -What do you get in the battle pass
    -How do you level up and earn experience?
    -Valorant Battle Pass Worth Buying?

    -What is the battle pass?

    The Ignition: Act 1 is the first of many battle passes to come in valorant.
    The battle pass is split into 10 chapters there are 5 tiers in each chapter.
    The battle pass Cost 1000 Valorant points.
    (Tip: if you don’t want to buy valorant points you can get them for free on Gamehag!)
    The battle pass has 50 tiers and 65 items in it where you are getting 15 items for free  (without buying the battle pass.) 


    -What do you get in the battle pass?

    When you buy the battle pass you will get 12 different weapon skins,
    22 Gun Buddies, 2 Titles, 6 Title Cards, 120 Radianite Points that use to upgrade your weapon,
    And you will also get 12 different sprays! 

    Coolest thing in The Ignition: Act 1?

    I think the coolest thing in the battle pass is the Kingdom Phantom and the kingdom knife!
    because I really like that it is yellow and black in my perspective perfect!
    If you want to see all the skins an buddies click on the link :)


    How long will it take to complete the battle pass?
    The battle pass will take you around 100 hours to complete!
    When will there come a new battle pass?
    The Ignition: Act 1 will end on August second and a new section will appear!
    If you want to see the whole battle pass see the video below :D
    Battle pass review by Arekkz Gaming: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mvf_on3FJBA

    -How do you level
    up and earn experience?

    You will level up while playing games and completing Daily missions.
    Unrated game: 100  Experience Pr. Round
    Unrated Win: 200  Experience Pr. Round
    Spike Rush: 1000 Experience Pr. Game
    Daily missions: 2000 Experience Pr. Mission
     Valorant Battle Pass Worth Buying?

    So is the battle pass in valorant worth buying?
    without hesitation yes! In the battle pass, you will get Amazing things for around
    21000 valorant points! And it only cost 1000, so you will earn 20000 valorant points worth of items! and those 1000 valorant points you can get for free here on gamehag so why don’t buy it? You won’t regret it! 

    The Ignition: Act 1 Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhhjcB2ZjIM

    If you like this article I will appreciate a vote!
    And write in the comments on what article I should make next!

    Rate this article Valorant Battle Pass Worth Buying?

    (4.23/5) 149 rates


    My friends play this game...personally i like games with story or campaign.

    12 october 2021 16:51

    Awesome article!

    22 june 2020 12:48

    Well its a good article too!

    9 august 2020 10:46

    It's too bad you have to spend cash to get the BP; in some games you can earn the resource needed just by playing.

    2 september 2020 17:11

    I don't really think it's worth the amount it costs if at all

    16 october 2020 07:23

    I wouldn't say it is worth it. You're spending real money for a gun to look different.

    18 june 2020 11:42

    The battle pass (and the skins) are, imo, extremly expensive, they really need to tone it down a bit. Lol

    9 june 2020 13:46

    I don't have money but that looks cool

    23 june 2020 08:40

    Valorant BP is worth the money. 1000 for like half of the skins in the game. Done Deal!

    26 june 2021 18:27

    No pass in any game deserve to be bought.

    9 june 2020 16:49