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    (4.37/5) 237 rates
    SoulMortal45, 16 june 2020 08:47

    Valorant- Top 3 Under-Rated Agents!

    Valorant is a tactical FPS shooter which has been developed by Epic Games and released on 2nd June 2020. In one of my previous articles, I reviewed the 3 most powerful agents in Valorant. In this article I will be reviewing the 3 most under-rated agents of the game, thus helping you to choose the right agent for yourself! So lets not waste any more time and dive right into the article!




    No.3 Phoenix


    Phoenix is an aggressively oriented agent with a mix of solo and team potential. Phoenix’s abilities resemble some of the utility items from Counter-Strike, with him having a flash and a Molotov. Something that makes Phoenix stand out from all other duelists is his self-sustainability, as he can heal himself while in the area of effect of his Molotov or Blaze wall! This allows Phoenix to take fights in the beginning of the rounds and then heal off the damage if any was inflicted

    However, the aggressive play-style isn’t all Phoenix is about, as you can easily block sight-lines and prevent peaks using his abilities.


    •  Phoenix’s Blaze ability allows you to summon a wall of fire that curves as you cast it. It inflicts damage on enemies, blocks sight and heals you!
    • Using his Curveball, Phoenix throws a flash-bang that can curve around corners to the left or right and blinds anyone looking towards it.
    • Hot-hands is Phoenix’s last general ability and allows you to throw a molotov which damages enemies and heals you if you are in its area of effect.

     Ultimate Ability Review-

    •  Phoenix’s ultimate ability is called Run it back. After using this ability at any location, you can rush into enemies, and even if you die, you get resurrected to the place where you used it!This ability is great for making blind pushes into heavily fortified areas.


    Final Thoughts-

     If you’re just getting into Valorant, consider picking Phoenix as his abilities are not hard to learn and the self-heal allows you to make some mistakes. So if you’re looking for an agent that allows you to do a liitle bit of aggressive and passive gameplay, then Phoenix is the right agent for you!

     No.2 Viper


    While not being liked by many players, Viper easily ends up being underestimated, and this is her most lethal weapon. Viper is most widely known for her ability to clutch on defensive positions using her abilities. Viper is an agent that most defensive agents will enjoy. Her abilities are mainly optimized to hold down a site while some may also be used for offense when needed.

     Her Toxic Screen can be used to split a site into two, essentially forcing players to peek and die, or stay put and die. Viper can also use her abilities to slow enemies down from pushing choke points so your team can easily plant or defuse the spike.


    •  Viper’s Snakebite allows you to throw a grenade that can bounce off walls and generates a pool of poison on exploding. This poison slows enemies down and also eats away their health!
    • Poison Cloud also allows you to throw a grenade. This grenade summons a poisonous smoke which doubles up as a molotov and a smoke. This is one of the most handy and effective abilities among all agents that I’ve ever used!
    • Using Viper’s Toxic screen ability, you can create a persisting wall of toxic gas that obscures vision and damages opponents. Unlike Poison Cloud, this ability can be used only once per round.

     Ultimate Ability Review-

    •  Viper’s ultimate is called Viper’s Pit. Using this ability you can create a huge cloud of toxic gas that will make enemies take decay damage, have reduced vision, and as a bonus- Viper’s visibility actually increases while inside this cloud. This ability is most effectively used to hold down bomb-sites and can be used to single-handedly defend a planted spike from a whole team!


    Final Thoughts-

     Viper is an agent for those with quick and smart decision-making skills that will allow setups on sight to give you an edge over your opponent.

    No.1 Brimstone


    Brimstone is for the the more team-oriented players- people who like to ensure that fights always end with their team on top. Playing Brimstone also involves being pretty vocal in games since you have to constantly co-ordinate smokes with your team pushes. If you’re not someone who likes to constantly communicate, then I suggest picking another agent.

     Brimstone can be used to make extremely effective supportive and aggressive plays. Most of his abilities are utility-based and are good for team-oriented players. The only offensive ability that Brimstone has, is his molotov. But unlike Phoenix, Brimstone cannot heal while in the flames of his Molotov.


    •  Stim Beacon allows Brimstone to toss a beacon which improves your teammates combat while in it. While in its area of effect, players on your team get improved fire-rate, faster reload, and better recoil recovery.
    • Brimstone’s second basic ability, Incendiary equips a grenade launcher that fires a molotov grenade which drastically reduce an enemy player’s health. This grenade will bounce off walls and won’t detonate until hitting the ground
    • Using Sky-Smoke, Brimstone opens a tactical map which allows him to place long-lasting smokes at critical locations. This ability is very useful and can be used to place a maximum of 3 smokes per round.

     Ultimate Ability Review-

    •  Brimstone’s Orbital Strike is one of the most overpowered abilities in Valorant. It opens a map similar to the one used for Sky-Smoke, but this ability has a completely different use. It actually summons a laser blast in the selected area from the sky, eliminating every player in the affected zone. This allows Brimstone to eliminate enemies around corners without even exposing himself!


    Final Thoughts-

     If you are a player who likes to take the leadership of your team, make all the important calls, and support your team to the fullest, then Brimstone is the perfect agent for you.


    Rate this article Valorant- Top 3 Under-Rated Agents!

    (4.37/5) 237 rates


    After seeing several streamers playing this game and reading this article I must try it definitely! Good job sir

    14 july 2020 16:40

    I've been curious about the game as it seems like a mix between overwatch and any basic shooter game. I know hyperscape just came out too.

    18 july 2020 09:11

    great for your singles in many ways I do not complain good article about the game, greetings

    26 june 2020 08:31

    i like this game and super power for charaters concept

    3 august 2020 14:41

    Valorant is good game.

    4 july 2020 14:47

    they can't be underrated if you know how to play them. For me they're all good rated.

    3 march 2021 14:34

    oyun sarıyor güzel oyun

    3 march 2021 07:27

    True, but I like Phoenix its a good agent

    5 december 2020 22:59

    lol , i Actually just went and downloaded the client after reading this💻

    9 july 2020 23:17

    this game not owervatch copies because owervatch copies the TF2

    7 july 2020 15:04