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    (3.31/5) 16 rates
    rogstrug, 10 august 2018 15:44

    Total War: Arena

    Total War: Arena is free-to-play, real-time strategy game where you play with heroes from Ancient history.
    Total War: Arena mixes best of strategy,tactical combat and dedication to history the series is famous for and distills it into epic, online combat.You play in team of ten (10 vs 10) and every player has 3 units.The average time of battles is 5-10 minutes but some intense battles can last up to 15 minutes.The game contains 2 modes, versus real players or AI- controlled opponents. In all game modes, players control commanders, who are real historical persons like Alexander The Great,Germanicus or Caesar. There are 13 commanders. There are three unlocked for free from the start of the game, while the rest can be purchased or earned through in-game currency. There are four in-game factions: Greece, Roman Empire , Barbarians and Chartage.They have got different abillities and play styles.


    This is the type of a game "Fast to learn,Hard to master". In the begging you need to play with one historical hero,for example pick Germanicus, learn his abilities and master them,carry your team to the victory. After you learn all about him pick someone else,earn money and buy better hero(for example Hannibal Barca)...Upgrade your units,buy them better shields or swords and they will easily defeat other players units.Be creative with them, you can combine cavalry with melee infantry,build your tactics and defeat enemies.


    You probably hate history class(who doesn't hate History) but in this game you can delve into the history of heroes and add to their exploits. Earn glory in battle to rival the greatest commanders of the ancient world. Discover the intricate and fascinating history behind iconic figures and master their battle styles while competing with players from around the world. After playing this game you are going to have only A in the school.


    There are 13 beautiful and different maps in which you can show your power. Maps range from Barbarian's places to the Roman forums.

                     Map of Salernum

    Every map has 3 different time contidions.So you have the same map,for example Hadrian's wall and in one round the weather can be sunny,in the other the rain can fall, and in the third round it can be night.Every time map can look different.

                              Hadrian's wall


    Melee infantry - Their main weapon is the charge, with troops sent hurtling towards the enemy for a direct frontal assault. Charging can also be used for a quick unit rotation and a tactical retreat.

    Cavalry - Their main ability is to sneak behind enemy lines to locate and ambush enemy artillery and missile units.Thanks to their high mobility and improved visibility range, the role of light cavalry gains a further tactical boon when paired with artillery units on the battlefield.Skilled in close-combat, these cavalrymen are an armoured fist to punch through enemy ranks. 

    Misslie infantry - . If handled properly, missile infantry can become an unrelenting force, inflicting heavy casualties and demoralising enemy units even before they reach your main forces. 

    Artillery - . Scouts define a target, and siege engineers concentrate fire, sending the enemy into oblivion. In addition to being heavy-missile war machines, artillery units use traps, which can also reduce scythe through enemy units. With a long range and an ability to inflict devastating damage, siege engines usually deploy at a safe distance from the main battlefield and work well with scout units.

    War Dogs - Sic the dogs on footmen, and there will be few left for the handlers to finish off. Wardogs are highly effective against poorly armored units and can break up phalanx formations.To deal maximum damage, keep the dogs in terrain that lends cover—high grass and forests—and strike adversaries from the side or rear after using the Rebellion ability. Avoid prolonged fights.

    Elephants - Elephants are the backbone of the Carthaginian army. They can terrify even the bravest souls on the battlefield and are unlike any other unit in Total War:Arena. Heavy battle machines, elephants are nearly invulnerable to enemy attacks. They can crush infantry with ease using their Trample attribute.e. On the other hand, elephants are rather slow and may become an easy target for armor-piercing weapons, including pikes, falxes, and light artillery.


    All in all, the game is great.It has great gameplay mechanics,pvp matches and beautiful maps.The biggest plus for this game is that is free to play.I give it 80/100

    Rate this article Total War: Arena

    (3.31/5) 16 rates

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    funny game good article

    24 april 2020 12:08

    so amazing and so cool environment

    11 september 2018 21:41

    Seems good enough a bit short but ok

    10 august 2018 18:27

    i love this game. real best of history game

    30 august 2019 15:58

    kent nel3abha ki qent esgir 😁

    20 march 2019 14:37