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    gaurav_jakhar, 14 march 2018 09:33

    Top 10 Gaming life Hacks

    I present you 10 gaming life hacks every gamer should know.

    These are some tips and tricks that aren't all necessarily hacks but they are designed to make your gaming life a little bit easier. Remember that these life hacks aren’t in any particular order.

    1. Storing your Games in a Pen drive

    It is always recommended to store your games on a pen drive because of two main reasons-

    (i)This a Better way to keep a backup of all the games you have.

    (ii)By doing this, you will have a pen drive that you can plug into your friend’s computer and play your favourite games instantly.

    1. Clean That Dust

    If you have a PC or a console that you haven’t opened for years and cleaned it from inside, then do it as soon as possible. The dust present inside can cause various problems including overheating. This dust interferes with the cooling system of your PC and console which results in overheating and slowing down of your system. So you should get rid of the dust inside your PC case or console and don’t try to be stupid by using water to clean the dust inside.

    1. Freeing up some Memory

    You don’t want to get an error message while installing a game saying that you don’t have enough space. Well then you should be using a software called CCleaner. This software helps you to free up some space from your storage device by deleting some temporary files, cookies etc. But memory doesn’t mean only the memory of your HDD or SDD, memory from your RAM also needs to be freed up for the best performance. For this I recommend using Razer Cortex. It helps you to free up some RAM by closing some unnecessary application and services that are running in the background and using your RAM. Soon you will observe a sudden increase in your Computer’s performance.

    1. Go Wired

    Lot of gamers suffer from lags. In this situation, wired internet connection and other peripherals is the key. Get an Ethernet wire and plug it in your system. It's the only way to improve your ping and reduce lag. So, if you're serious about how you play your games you should have wired internet connection in fact you should have everything wired, even your controller should be wired if you want to reduce input lag.

    1. Dealing with Wires

    This tip is somewhat related to the previous one. Basically, when you start using wired peripherals you are more likely to deal with tangled wires. For this situation, all you need is a bunch of zip locks. Just group a few wires together and tie a zip lock around them to prevent them from tangling (simple . isn’t it?).

    1. Use that Game Mode

    Make use of the game mode feature on your TV. Game mode is a screen setting feature on most of the modern TVs that allow you to remove input lag and in turn minimize the visual lag between the game and the screen. So, if you're a hard-core pixel perfect person, game mode might be the best option for you.

    1. Buy Games from Anywhere

    You can buy your games on the go, if you're a busy person and you want your games ready to go when you come home at night downloaded and ready to play. Well thankfully you can do this with the new generation of consoles. But, if you play games on steam(pc), then you can only buy your game with your steam mobile app. But if you have a PS4 or Xbox you can not only purchase game but also if you link the account on their app with the hardware that you have, you will be able to wake up your system and download your games while you're out. It’s really the best way to maximize your playtime instead of coming home purchasing a game and watching it download forever.  

    1. Use Banana Holder as a Headset Stand

    This is more of a practical life hack but if you're a baller on a budget and you need a cool headset stand, use a banana holder. It's simple and stylistic.

    1. Protect your Eyes

    Protecting your eyes is important because at the end of the day if you don't have eyes you can't really play games. Buy Gunnar optics to protect our eyes while gaming. Some people use a software called flux to save their eyes. It is a free PC program that adjusts your computer screens brightness and colour settings to maximize protection of your eyes. If you have windows 10 then you can make use of the night light feature to do the same thing.  

    1. Using the Vita as a ps4 Dual Shock controller

    Now some of you are not aware that If you don't feel like paying for a new controller then you can use your Vita as a second controller. This works for all games on the ps4 console. All you have to do is enable remote play and then sign in as a guest and honestly once you get used to it. Now you got a second controller for free.


    I think this list is complete now.

    Rate this article Top 10 Gaming life Hacks

    (5/5) 2 ratings


    this game last a few weeks

    10 december 2019 12:49