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    Julio_Lokin, 27 november 2017 21:30

    Tips: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

    LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is Marvel's newest LEGO minifigure heroes game that features a great journey through time and space yet complemented by the immense open world of the city of Chronopolis to explore. This is not always easy or even intuitive, so there are some useful tips that players can use to get the most out of the game, from how to get money easily to creating a character of his own that can become powerful.

    How to get easy money

    Soon in the first phase there is a fountain offering a huge amount of silver, gold and blue coins. Just walk backwards from the second part of the stage, when the Guardians of the Galaxy land on Xandar, until you find a frozen valve that needs to be released with a heat ray in free play. Activate the valve and watch the parts spill into the air. Catching all these pieces is a bit difficult with just one player, so it pays to plug in another control. Combine this strategy with the Pink Multiplier Blocks and the "Attract Parts" to maximize your winnings.

    The LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 character builder is much more robust than previous games and a curious point is that he has virtually no limits on how many powers you can enter into a single hero. So it is possible with some time investment to create an original character with almost all the abilities of the other heroes combined, practicamete a human Swiss army knife that can interact with all the objects of LEGO without requiring that you change of personages.

    Buy Pink Blocks with Multipliers

    On the second floor of the Avengers Mansion in a room to the left of the screen you can find the Gwenpool room that sells its Pink Blocks capable of activating extras in the game. Your focus should be on getting the first multiplier blocks x2, x4 and x6 to increase the amount of pieces you get. These blocks are cumulative and the three together give a bonus of x48 for each piece purchased. Unlike other games in the LEGO series, it is not necessary to unlock the multiplier blocks in special stages, they are available from the beginning. Do not forget to enable them in the game's Extras menu.

    How to differentiate people who have clues

    Occasionally some character will send you on missions where you need to look for clues with other people in Chronopolis, which can be very tricky when using only the minimap. However there is one particular detail that makes these people stand out: they are always standing still. While the other inhabitants of the city are always walking in some direction people with tracks stay static and stand out among the others.

    Swap characters with more than one way

    When using characters like Hulk, Spider-Man or Miss Marvel, it is difficult to change characters without first accidentally transforming them into their second form: Bruce Banner, Peter Parker or Miss Marvel giant, and having to wait for all the animation before to open the menu. However, there is a simple way to not have this problem, just jump before holding the button that opens the hero exchange menu, as they can not turn into air, but the menu can be called.

    There's always time for puzzles

    On the map of Chronopolis there are dozens of puzzles scattered and occasionally you can find some by accident when in the middle of a mission, especially in cooperative mode. However while entering another mission cancels the previous one, puzzles do not cancel missions. You can pause and solve the puzzle as long as you do not stray too far from the character who offered the quest.

    After completing the penultimate phase of the game: "On the Edge of the Sword" you will have the chance to acquire the Korvac character for your collection. Initially it may seem like any other villain in its collection however it has an extremely useful particularity. Korvac is virtually invincible, almost nothing can hurt him. You can use it to face stage bosses or even walk around Chronopolis without worrying about damage.

    Water Characters

    Exploring submerged places like Lemuria can be very tiring due to the slowness that your hero suffers from being underwater. However one thing the game never explains is that certain aquatic characters can get around at a much higher speed when in the water. Examples include Koi Boi, Throg and the villain Attuma.

    Unlock characters with no preferences

    When venturing through the open world to unlock characters players will usually go after their favorite heroes and ignore less expressive characters, but this is not a good strategy. Many characters will not appear on the map until other, sometimes less interesting, characters are released. As it is not known which person will be released then it pays to unlock all without giving preferences.

    How to get easy vehicles

    During your journey through Chronopolis to unlock characters you will need to participate in races with vehicles, however unlocking the required vehicles can be quite problematic. For car races the good old yellow taxi available from the beginning of the game gives the message. In car races you can use Captain America's 4x4. He is unlocked as he enters one of the Kang Subway cars in his stations and takes a full turn for Chronopolis.

    For boats and motorcycles it will be necessary to complete certain challenges of the city. The Captain Stacy's Boat is the easiest, unlocked with 5 Viewpoints, high points from which it is possible to have a panoramic view of Chronopolis. They are in the following places: Old West (mountain peak), Hydra Empire (in zeppelin), Attilan (outside), Medieval England (castle) and Manhattan (building near water).

    The Black Widow's Bike is the simplest bike to get, it requires you to "hack" 10 Kang Billboards in Chronopolis, which are very visible with their red color. They are in the following locations: Old West, Manhattan, Hala, Wakanda, Hydra Empire, Xandar, Attilan, New York, Medieval England and Asgard.

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