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    IamAndrea, 10 june 2017 09:07

    Throne: Kingdom at War

    Throne: Kingdom at war is a strategy game. In which we should complete the quest

    Throne: Kingdom at War is a realistic real-time MMO for real players seeking a profound and competitive strategic experience. As Lord, you build buildings, train armies, and declare war on nearby towns. To have an advantage over your opponents, you will have to conduct Studies and Improve Your Hero's Skills. This will allow you to get significant bonuses that will help you develop the economy of your city and make your army a nightmare for those who dare to challenge you!

    However, even the most brave of the Lords can not aspire to power alone: in the Throne world: Kingdom at War, the help of the allies is paramount. Join an Order to share with your fellow troops and troops, and fight together to claim the kingdom of the Kingdom. Who knows, maybe your Order will even conquer the Eternal Fortress, a unique place on the map of the Kingdom that provides its owner with unimaginable riches and the title title of King!
    "Throne: Kingdom at War is a real-time online strategy game where you will have to find all your strategic and diplomatic skills to pave the way for power and glory.
    Weapons will surely allow you to defeat some of your Lord, but you will often encounter more sophisticated and stupid sovereigns, with whom it will be better to establish temporary alliances.
    If you want to leave a mark in history, you will have to leave the easiest way, develop your own strategy and learn to make the right decisions, so surprise even the most savage and subtle enemies! "

    "You will have to use your strategic skills both on the battlefield and outside. Very often you will have to sharpen your mind and sword more! Remember that diplomacy, trade and allies can get you out of trouble.

    It's up to you to decide how to grow your town. Would you choose to focus on resource production and the defense of your territories, or would you rather develop strong armies to destroy other settlements and burn resources to other lords? The choice is yours!"
    The multiplayer component is crucial in the Throne universe: Kingdom at War. Stringing alliance with other Lords you can increase your capabilities. Join a Order, Contribute to Growth, Help Your Companions, and soon your actions will be appreciated and praised! One day you could even become the most powerful and glorious Master of the Kingdom!
    Members of an Order have many advantages over Lords playing alone. If you are in trouble, other Lords of your Order can help you by sending reinforcements or resources at the time of need. Only together will you be strong enough to attack, conquer and defend the Eternal Fortress, which gives power and wealth to the Order that controls it in Throne: Kingdom at War!
    Now that you have learned the basics, you are ready to become a true Lord. Countless battles for the future of the Kingdom await you ... Play NOW at Throne: Kingdom at War!

    Rate this article Throne: Kingdom at War

    (4.45/5) 20 rates

    Play Throne: Kingdom at War

    Throne: Kingdom at War

    Become a Lord in Throne: Kingdom at War and prove yourself as a powerful leader and skillful city builder. Experience a whole new adventure and lead your army to the victory in this fictional medieval world. Improve your town and watch it grow with your character.​It's up to you, which path will you take in order to ultimately b...


    it looks very fun and it has cool graphics

    17 june 2019 02:12

    wow nice game

    6 may 2019 05:23

    need images

    19 february 2019 01:14

    Fantastic job! really like this article, maybe I said this alot but one of my favourites!

    21 february 2019 06:57

    nice artical

    24 april 2019 16:54

    nice article the game is very intresting

    27 january 2019 12:44

    Looks very fun and has cool graphics

    3 may 2019 17:46

    need more pictures

    3 may 2019 17:09

    this is a very nice game i am play this game i like it

    26 january 2019 10:24

    Can somebody tell me all checkpoints where sg can be gained? I'm going to usu a rune and hand it all in at the same time.

    10 december 2018 10:26