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    Minecraft is a survival game in which you have to create a home (or to try it haaha) we have to pass a lot of obstacles during our lives to pixels


    When the download is complete, start the Minecraft.exe executable. If you're shown an error message you probably have not installed Java software on your computer - remedy right away - it's free.

    On the Minecraft Home screen, enter the account information that you created on the game site and click on Log In and then on Play again. To translate the menus into Italian then go to the Options> Language section and select the Italian (Italy) entry from the page that opens.

    At this point, start a new game and choose to create a new world. There are three modes of play available: Creative where there are unlimited resources, the Survival where resources are to be earned and Extreme is very difficult and gives the player a single life.


    If you want, you can try Minecraft for about 100 minutes without buying the game. Just create an account as just seen together, then you have to go back to the homepage and first click on the play the demo (located on the right) and then on Download the game.


    You are now in the game and you absolutely have to learn the basics to move inside. These are the default ones, but nobody bans you from entering the Minecraft menu (pressing Esc) and changing them to your liking.

    Mouse cursor - moves the camera.
    Left click - breaks objects, digs, attacks.
    Right click - place objects and interact with them.
    W - forward (pressed twice in succession allows you to run).
    S - back.
    To the left.
    D - right.
    Space - jump.
    Shift - stealthy walk.
    E - inventory.
    Q - leaves the object in the hands of the player.
    T - chat (multiplayer).
    First steps

    How to Play Minecraft

    Taking the right confidence with the controls, you just have to find out how to play Minecraft in the first minutes of gameplay. The world in which your character is immersed is populated by males, animals, and bad monsters called mobs, who come out only at night and try to attack the protagonist of the game.

    That's why you need to build a shelter before anything else, and you have to do it before it's night. Keep in mind that day / night cycle in Minecraft lasts 20 minutes: 10 minutes of day, 1 minute and a half of sunset, 7 minutes of night and one and a half of dawn.

    To build your haven you have to do the two operations that give the game name: mining and crafting. The first is the collection of materials for the construction of work tools, weapons and buildings, the second is the combination of previously collected materials to create objects of various kinds.

    Mining and Crafting

    How to Play Minecraft

    At the beginning of the game, you can only rely on bare hands to collect the materials to use to build tools and buildings. Then go to the trees and hold down the left mouse button to collect a good amount of wood.

    Then, access the game inventory and use the 2 × 2 grid in it to create a workbench to build new tools. The procedure to follow is simple: you just have to select raw wood from the bottom of the screen and move it to any of the grid cells in order to get four oak axles.

    Once the axes are obtained, select with the left click and use the right mouse button to distribute them in all four grid cells: so you will get your work bench. Then place the bench at the top of the inventory and release it to any point in the Minecraft world by left-clicking.

    Now right-click on the work table and you'll see a 3 × 3 grid appearing to create complex tools to facilitate mining. Here are some examples.

    Sticks - Insert two wooden boards one over the other.
    Wood shovels in box 2 and sticks in squares 5 and 8.
    Slotted wooden boards in the first three grid squares and sticks in boxes 5 and 8.
    Torch - raw charcoal above and stick down at any point on the grid.
    Coal can be harvested using the ice ax in a rocky area. You can use it - as mentioned above - to create torches to enter the shelter where you spend the night, because you remember: a dark shelter allows bad mobs to attack you freely.

    To create a building you only have to put in the inventory the first material in which to build it (eg wood) and release the various blocks that make it into any part of the Minecraft world using the left mouse button. Then you can enrich the shelter with windows and other decorations, reinforce it with rock and modify it in other ways

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    (4.59/5) 271 rates


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    22 october 2020 02:13

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    26 may 2020 14:40

    Minecraft is a good game

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