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    FarrelwiZ, 17 august 2018 13:57

    This Is The Police 2 - Continuity Deeper and Complex

    This Is The Police 2 is a strategy game and advanced police management of This Is The Police first developed by Weappy Studio and published by THQ Nordic . This Is The Police 2 release on July 31, 2018 last.

    This is The Police might be one game you do not expect the presence of a sequel. Continuing back from the first game's story, but of course, with so many changes from the element management gameplay itself is more complex, the storyline can be said to be darker, until new elements into one additional point of this game.

    Looking back role as police officers

    Just like its predecessor, This Is The Police 2 back set you as a high-ranking police or rather the right hand of the sheriff , who has the duty to send your men for the sake of settlement to the case-law cases that occurred in the city, where it is to be an element main gameplay in the series This is The Police.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 1

    As you can see in the picture above, there are cops who are ready to run the command, as well as miniature views of the city and scattered emergency calls, which are located in the city. And your job is to send a policeman on standby to go to the scene and completed the case was going on before it's too late.

    Continuing the story of This Is The Police first

    This Is The Police tell a police chief named Jack Boyd in the city of Freeburg , who had good intentions but do not mind being in use in ways that are not good though. Because actually, the police is a figure that is on the side of justice and truth, but Jack was willing to cross to the other side in order to achieve her desired destination.

    Starting from bersengkongkol with the mafia, complied politician evil, to be willing to kill his own men, who then had to make the police chief became a fugitive the FBI and forced him to flee to a small town called Sharpwood , which was a main setting game This Is The Police 2.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 2
    Jack Boyd

    Try staying in Sharpwood impostor named Warren Nash , he accidentally caught a drug raid conducted by the local police. And when in jail, he met with the local sheriff named Lilly Reed knows that the real identity of the man claiming to be the Nash Warren.

    He then offered his experience in hunting down criminals for decades, and Lilly as sheriff inexperienced Jack finally received a helping hand for the sake of combating crime Sharpwood that roam the city. Lilly decided to remain anonymous Jack and gave a high-ranking position in the city police Sharpwood.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 3
    Lilly Reed

    Lilly is a sheriff who can be said to be less competent and do not have significant experience in the police force. But because he did not want crime and criminal groups continue to provide to the citizens Sharpwood terror, he decided to accept the help of a former police chief who is also wanted by the FBI.

    Here is the story of This Is The Police 2 starts, where you go back and act as police officers have a duty to keep the peace in the city Sharpwood. However, be prepared to deal with various situations that certainly would be more 'dark' and more complex than This Is The Police first.

    As described earlier, This Is The Police 2 has new features as well as changes and improvements in the gameplay more complex. The following will explain what the author of what's changed and what new features can you ekspektasikan in the game.

    Involvement in settlement

    In This Is The Police were first, every cop you sent to the location of the scene to resolve cases that occur automatically and will occasionally ask for your help in determining the best course of action to be taken. But in This Is The Police 2, you will be directly involved in all cases that exist and determine the best course of action from several options that you encounter.

    Featured in tackling problem

    Every emergency calls that you receive will have a different case, and in every case that there are so many variations of action that you can choose. Each of these options can certainly influence the way out of the case you face, where in any case you successfully complete a well or it ends badly.

    And if you successfully complete a case, you will get the items of evidence that you can later use to certain situations. And each case are resolved will be accumulated into a point that you can use to build a larger kepolisianmu or even purchase additional equipment for the personelmu.

    Police personnel management more complex

    Good or bad result of the settlement would depend on the professionalism of the police officers that you sent. As in the previous game, each person working below you have a level of professionalism that is represented in the figures. But in This Is The Police 2, personelmu also have 5 new status that could be improved and will be very influential in settling disputes. And every case successfully resolved will certainly increase the value of professionalism personelmu, which will also affect the increase personelmu status.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 6
    5 new status that you can upgrade

    As you can see in the picture above, encompasses the stretcher 5 status Strength, Intelligence, Speed, Stealth, Shooting and Negotiation . As the name implies, strength will affect the cases which require the completion of a physical, intelligence in a situation that requires the brain such as defusing bombs, speed to catch criminals who try to escape, for example, stealth is more to taking action stealth, shooting, or the ability to shoot and shoot targets with precise and negotiation in trying to resolve the matter peacefully for example.

    One of the changes that occur in the This Is The Police 2 is professionalism not directly affect the settlement, but rather whether or not prepared kepolisianmu personnel in the face of the case is going on. Each case has a minimum value personelmu professionalism to the face, and usually depends on how difficult or how the urgency of the problem. For example, the case of robbery is certainly a situation which is more complicated and requires more personnel than the case of someone who is making a scene in public spaces.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 5
    Assignment of personnel will go to the scene

    As you can see in the picture above, every cop has a value of professionalism marked with a star and a number above potrait them. And you can also see that the three policemen who had been unable to meet you assign bar minimum necessary professionalism, so you have to send one more personnel were standby (marked with a portrait still light) to meet the bar professionalism.

    But if you look at the picture above, the personnel were standby value professionalism of 700, and the case was going on only requires professionalism at 495, and therefore you can only send such personnel alone to deal with the case on this one.

    As previously mentioned, in This Is The Police 2 there is a variety of equipment that can be carried by personnel who are on duty, such as a taser, baton, stun grenades, and pepper spray, where the latter supplies personelmu could help resolve a case more quickly.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 9
    You can set yourself supplies to be brought personelmu or use the auto assign

    In This Is The Police 2 you will also find that personelmu has her own personality that will also be influential in the course of the game. You will find individuals who might be lazy, drunken, racist and like skipping work. And of course as police officers you have the right to give a strike action or a 'special' to the problematic personnel to be more disciplined.

    But keep in mind that the personelmu also have high levels of loyalty are also very influential in the course of the game. The personelmu occasionally be asked for time to not come to work with a variety of reasons that sometimes do not make sense. However, if the reason is quite urgent, then it could be personelmu will be loyal when you allow it or even more disloyal because you forbade it.

    Sharpwood city full of opportunities to create money and 'friendship'

    As police officers course you also will need extra money for everyday needs and care of the 'old problems'. And the city full Sharpwood be opportunities to create money in the connection even 'friendship' which is certainly going to benefit you and kepolisianmu ranks.

    In addition to taking care of a lawsuit, occasionally you'll get a call request 'specials' to take care of personal matters of public Sharpwood, sometimes contrary to what should be the police as law enforcers. However, each request is certainly give an advantage if you successfully complete it, could be money or special services that can range kepolisianmu enjoy.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 11
    In response to a special request Sharpwood citizens may give advantage

    And such settlement, you also need to send personelmu to respond to the request of the Sharpwood citizens. But these residents usually ask specifically what kind of personnel is needed, for example; a citizen Sharpwood ask you to send a strong police to move goods, and therefore you would need to send personnel to benefit from the strength status.

    As mentioned previously, there are few people who will ask you to do pekerjan-job 'dirty' or indeed literally dirty. Therefore you can only send policemen loyal to you to do the dirty work.

    But the demand for 'special' Sharpwood citizens are not always going to benefit you, it could have happened was precisely the opposite, and might make a loyal cop become disloyal.

    You also have a chance to get a special service of the citizens Sharpwood you have to help, such as providing facilities for the personelmu improve the status of their ability, for example, to access to shops for buying and selling yourself to the police purposes purposes 'other'.

    You can buy heroin and cocaine from 'friends', but for what?

    Items of evidence that you get when solving a case can also be sold in these shops to earn extra money. And continue to earn money probably one of the things you should consider in This Is The Police 2.

    Features investigations more simple but more in

    Although some elements of the game grew more complex, investigative features in This Is The Police 2 can be said to be simpler than the previous game. If at This Is the first Police detectives are special division for melakuakan an investigation into an incident, in This Is The Police 2 you only need to send one kepolisianmu personnel to conduct investigations.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 7
    Investigations into This Is The Police 2

    Once the investigation is done, personelmu will present instructions in the form of witnesses and the evidence at the scene, and accompanied by two or three suspects will catch you later. And from user testimonies and evidence are there, be your job to determine who the actual suspect.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 8
    You need to match the testimony and evidence that there are in order to know who the real suspect

    As you can see in the picture above, to complete this investigation you must arrange the photos there to be a chronology of events based on the instructions. After that the game will ask you to arrest suspects and handed it to the court. If a suspect is found guilty then the personelmu is conducting the investigation will increase the value of his professionalism.

    When the court proved to be wrong, you're wrong is almost certain arrest people, but you can just bribe the judge to remain jailed suspects that you select.

    However, as in the previous game, you catch the suspects who could be a member of a criminal group. So instead you send suspects to the trial, you can interrogate or even tortured him to reveal other information related to criminal groups who are you investigating.

    You will interrogate many small criminals to oust a larger criminal
    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 10
    You need to do a thorough investigation before dropping a criminal group

    There are several criminal gangs that roam the city Sharpwood, and almost all of these criminal groups should you investigate thoroughly. And if you managed to drop the criminal groups, you will be rewarded with a large sum of money that you can use a variety of things in the game.

    Tactical combat XCOM

    Perhaps one thing you do not expect in this game mode is the presence of tactical combat -style game XCOM. In This Is The Police 2, occasionally you will find the situations that need you to go directly to the field and give the command XCOM gameplay style.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 13
    Tactical comba game XCOM

    Certainly not as difficult and challenging as the game XCOM, which in addition to the system of action points to move and mnyerang and the system survives cover to cover, This Is The Police 2 presents itself new elements that would provide challenges in this game.

    Perk system name, where before a mission, personelmu can use special abilities acquired from the status they have. Strength, for example, in tactical combat where they will get a break down the door or the ability to carry easily, or status shooting personelmu example that will give the ability to aim more precisely to the ability to shoot back if the first shot is not on target.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 14
    Before running the mission, you can choose 4 skills that you can use in the field

    In this game, you always start the mission tactical combat silent or stealth, which means you have to take advantage of the action points of the cop well and plan the attack carefully when not want your enemies turn on the alarm and make all your enemies do full attack you.

    Like the real world, only one shot hit enemies and personel probably could not do anything else, so it continues to be in stealth is the best choice.

    This Is The Police 2 - Pic 15
    When attack using firearms, you can shoot your target body parts

    You are of course free to slay your enemies or capture them alive. But as in the real world, capturing alive the criminals would be an advantage, since the capture alive the criminals would provide rewards greater than kill them.

    Of course the things above are some of the many new things that you can ekspektasikan in This Is The Police 2. However, This Is The Police 2 also has shortcomings that need to be delivered according to the author that you should all be assured before playing this game.

    The storyline is shorter and not unexpected

    Not unexpectedly usually indicates a storyline that may be good, but in This Is The Police 2, the way the story is presented may seem a little disappointing. One reason is the cover of this game (as you can see in the top picture on this page), which would indicate the sheriff, but in the end the game is really re-focus on the character of Jack Boyd and the sheriff was present only as a supporting character story ,

    Then is the duration of the game which can be said to be shorter than the previous game, which at This Is The Police first game menghairkan 180 days to finish the story, This Is The Police 2 only gives you one and a half months to enjoy this complex game.

    On the other hand, the way the story is not unexpected makes the writer a little excited in waiting for the rest of the story. Because maybe the next game we no longer plays Jack Boyd, but another policeman who might want to catch fugitive the FBI.

    Presentation of the story may be too betele-winded

    For you who are not fond of reading or following a story in a game, This Is The Police 2 may become your nightmare in presenting the story. But if you played the first may have been mediocre, but This Is The Police 2 seem like trying to stretch a short story to get a longer duration.

    Serial This Is The Police present the story in the form of comics and animation that until now can be said to be awkward . The storyline is presented occasionally each before or after you perform your daily work, where each penceritaannya sometimes can take from 5 minutes to 10 minutes. And you may have to pay attention to any dialogue that occurs to understand the course of the game.

    Of course there are the voice actors make the characters in this game come alive. And the author considers it became a separate additional points in the This Is The Police 2.

    May need to play the previous series

    Still with problems about the story, because This Is The Police 2 is closely connected with the previous game, which the authors believe the new arrivals would be hard to understand the story experienced by Jack Boyd who incidentally was the main character in this game.

    In addition to the story, the gameplay can also be said to be more complicated than the first, so that you who never played the game before, it may be better prepared to play this game than the newcomers who will directly face the cases that are more complex and management of the police more complex than the previous game, coupled with the presence of tactical combat style XCOM which thicken the element of strategy in this game.

    The authors also recommend to play the first one first, because it can be said This Is The Police first is one of the hidden gems in 2016.


    This Is The Police 2 is a continuation of the course more exciting because some elements of the game that increased to deeper, more detailed and more complex. Besides the presence of tactical combat style XCOM truly unexpected, be a separate element that fits perfectly implemented in a police-themed games.

    While it is the way the story is presented shorter than before, the author of more thought to that the developer is preparing a solid foundation for the continuation of the series This Is The Police .

    This Is The Police 2 you can play on PC , PS4 , Xbox One and Nintendo Switch . Make you a PC user can directly check on page Steam for melihta specifications required to play this game.


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    (4.43/5) 21 rates


    nice its a cool game lets play naw

    19 august 2018 04:32

    Lilly decided to remain anonymous Jack and gave a high-ranking position in the city police Sharpwood.

    29 november 2019 09:52