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    Rate this article "The Wonders of Wizard 101 (A Review) "

    (4.53/5) 32 rates
    ImpulseV, 6 april 2018 21:03

    The Wonders of Wizard 101 (A Review)

    Wizard 101 is a magic based MMORPG where players can fight using a diverse set of spells, make friends, own houses, grow pets, and more. It's made by the company known as Kings Isle.

    I was quite hesitant at first because I was under the assumption that this game was another one of those free to play but pay to win monstrosities that resided out there, however, I was terribly mistaken. Wizard 101 is amazing, there's so much content that you'll never grow tired of playing it. You start off by creating a character and choosing an element. Each element gives you different advantages and disadvantages. For example, Lightning gives you strong attack but is a bit weaker in terms of health, Ice gives you more health but has low damage, and so forth. You travel around trying to complete quests and whatnot to try and become one of the greatest wizards that ever lived. There's no set path so you're allowed to branch off and do whatever you want, you could even take a break from all the wizard stuff and just do some minigames or raise your pets. The choices are endless but filled with joy.
    Now then, just because it's good doesn't mean there aren't any downsides to it. Wizard 101 is free to play meaning that there is content that you will have to pay for. Wizard 101 has a premium currency known as crowns. Crows can be used to purchase various things such as exclusive pets, items, and furniture. If you really don't want to purchase crowns that's fine, it just makes playing the game less of a hassle. However, the same can't be said about membership. If you buy a membership then you can go and access certain areas that aren't usually allowed to non-membership players. It's annoying because some of the main quests are in those restricted areas. So you'll either need to buy a membership or have a friend who has a premium membership to play with you so that you can just teleport over to them. I mean, sure it sucks that we have to pay to access locations, but it's fair. The game is good and the devs deserve money for their hard work, so buy a membership if you can.
    The difficulty of the game isn't too hard, but at times it does feel a bit grindy, however, I don't see a problem with this as battles are very fun and the encounters are semi-forced. What do I mean by semi-forced? Well, if you walk close enough into an enemies/foes/monsters range then a  battle will ensue. The battles are won by playing cards. Every spell you have is in the form of a card, you play these cards to defend yourself, do damage, and a whole bunch of other things. Every card costs a pip or powerpoint to play. Some require more than one and some even require special power points which are basically pips that have a small chance of appearing.
    In conclusion Wizard 101 is a very fun game and if any of you guys ever have time you should check it out.

    Rate this article The Wonders of Wizard 101 (A Review)

    (4.53/5) 32 rates

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    cool review

    18 february 2020 16:17

    Nice review

    21 july 2018 21:33