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    FarrelwiZ, 12 april 2018 23:50

    7 Useful in Character Guns Throughout History of Video Games

    Character is the most important role in video games, in particular for the development of the story, "helpers" the main character, until a sweetener in a video game. Generally, most of these characters have a very important role in the RPG. However, not all developers create homemade video game characters have a useful role. Starting from cuman characters appear as filler "slot shortage", until the character that guns are completely useless when the battle, even with the best equipment though. This time we gave seven characters that guns are useful in the history of video games.

    1. Kimahri – Final Fantasy X (PlayStation 2, PC, PlayStation 4)

    Appearing as a bodyguard of Yuna, Kimahri looks very strong when initial introduction. However, his role grew fainter invisible in the middle of the story, he is more inclined to act as an adviser, but did not have any impact on the game story.

    Although he also had a story in itself in the middle of the story, but the story seemed to just be a filler that are not really need to be added. Even approaching the end of the story, its role as captured by Tidus more influential. Almost all of the capabilities that could Kimahri do it could be done better by other characters. It is indirectly putting him in a position of "complementary" only in Final Fantasy X .

    2. Minfilia – Final Fantasy XIV Online (PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4)

    Okay, maybe you're fans of Final Fantasy XIV will protest why I enter this character. Minfilia is depicted as if he was not the type NPC fighter capable of fighting on the battlefield. He is the leader of the main organization of this game, Scions of the Seventh Dawn will continue to ask you to carry out the main story quest to beat the boss without any contribution given in the story. For example, help or provide other support to you.

    Implicitly its role as the main character just as NPC, whose work cuman nyuruh-nyuruh you, that should be the main character of the game. Indeed, he had one great power possessed by another hero, but in fact only you who have the largest contribution in the game story.

    3. The Dog – Duck Hunt (Super Nintendo)

    Duck Hunt is the most simple game ever in the Super Nintendo. You just need to shoot as many ducks that fly across the screen until the highest score. However, did you know that The Dog is the only mascot character in this game?

    These characters might be useful to point out that you managed to shoot the ducks that fly. However, his role as if turned to be the only character who wanted to shoot you if you do not succeed shoot any ducks that fly in your screen. Because he would menertawaimu if you fail. What a boondoggle?

    4. Ashley – Resident Evil 4 (PC, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

    Slow and stupid may be one word that can represent Ashley in Resident Evil 4 . Just imagine, you are forced to continue to protect the NPC who can not even fight zombies or at least run up to the destination. Every two seconds while you are busy beat zombies in front of you, inevitably you have to hear "Leon, help" because he was attacked by zombies. Frustrating? Yes of course, the AI for Ashley as developed with half-baked, he could not even finish a simple task that should he finish. Any good? Of course he will be useful when the battle if Ashley had to get the armor, but it will get the time you've finished the game, unlock mini-games and complete the  Separate Ways . Other than that? Nope

    5. [Spoiler Alert] Silvia – Dragon Quest XI (PlayStation 4)

    For those of you who are waiting for the English version of the game on PC and PlayStation 4 this probably would be a spoiler. So it would be nice if you skip to read this section if you do not want exposed to the leak. Okay, let's move on, so this character was actually a knight named native Goriate who ran away from home because of a check choke with his father, who is one of the strongest warrior in the world of Dragon Quest XI . The reason? Because he had his own dream to be an entertainer at once warrior in his own way. With kemayu personality and nature of the ridiculous, he is the only character who most useless when battle. Why?

    Although it had three main weapons swords with various options such as a whip and dagger weapons, damage is very small and not really had a lethal combination of skill and the support element. He is one character who does not want you enter into battle or against the bosses, especially the final boss as strong as any equipment and skill he has. Although the backstory and character progressionnya written very interesting role in this game, especially when the battle only as an entertainer and to complement it.

    6. Captain Qwark – Ratchet and Clank (PlayStation 2, PlayStation 4)

    Captain Qwark is a picture of the character of the snobby rich, but actually he is a character sok tau, a coward, and did not have any ability in the game. It is the most stupid character who collaborated with the enemy and did not know if he himself had been fooled by the enemy.

    The goal is to cooperate with none other enemies not just for the sake of popularity and satisfy his ego alone. Nonetheless, Qwark the one that gives this game more colorful with a ridiculous folly. Outside that? He was not useful at all.

    7. Tim AI Single-player – Battlefield 3 (PC, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360)

    The role of the Frostbite Engine indeed very intriguing in Battlefield 3 , he managed to give a very fantastic visual feast for the eyes at the time. But unfortunately, this is not matched by its AI that look very foolish when the single-player game, especially your team.

    All they did as there is no point at all. They could not even shoot well and alleviate job firing at the enemy. Their presence seemed only as a supplement so that you have "AI companion", and turn the story of the game that is not so attractive when compared to Bad Company 2 .

    Rate this article 7 Useful in Character Guns Throughout History of Video Games

    (5/5) 3 ratings


    some of them arent

    20 june 2018 21:16