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    Veridion, 30 december 2018 23:36

    The Past of CS:GO Problems

    CS:GO is the latest sequel to the Counter Strike series.
    It is a tactical shooter comprising of the Counter Terrorists team and the Terrorist team. 
    In this game, Counter Terrorists must defend bomb sites from Terrorists and rescue hostages (depends on the game mode you are playing) and the Terrorists must plant the bomb and defend hostages. 

    CS:GO has been through many series of problems with the game and in this article I will list some of the many problems CS:GO has had and try my best to go into great detail for new players. 

    In my opinion, the biggest problem CS:GO used to have was the matchmaking. Matchmaking began to become an issue when multiple players would be complaining about unfair queue's and exceedingly long queue times.

    The unfair queue complaints arose when players were meeting an abundant amount of smurfs and derankers. Smurfs were high ranking people who would create new accounts in order to achieve a low rank and utterly destroy new players. This would ultimately ruin their fun and cause many people to quit the game. The same outcome came from derankers as well. Derankers are people who would purposely throw the game in order to "derank" to a lower rank from their current rank and wreck havoc upon new players. This would upset people trying to climb to higher ranks because the derankers depend on losing the game, making the players lose the match as well. 

    Cheaters and Hackers
    Another problem that was prominent near the initial release of CS:GO were the hackers. There was an abundant amount of hackers ruining the competitive matches of CS:GO. They were growing in count as more and more videos showed up on YouTube showing people how to download hacking programs for CS:GO.

    Valve solved this issue tremendously with the release of a better VAC system for their servers and Overwatch. Now, I'm not talking about the game Overwatch. Overwatch was this review system given to high level players that had experience in the game. Overwatch would let the viewer watch an entire match of a reported player, spectating their point of view. After the viewer had watched the match, they would be able to choose which hacks or cheats were present, or if there wasn't any at all. 

    Broken R8 Revolver
    Then there was the great R8 Revolver. The R8 Revolver was a new weapon released into the game. It wasn't just OP and broken. It was game-breaking. For $700, you could one shot anybody even with body armor on. It was a single-firing gun that had extremely high accuracy even while moving. It even had a fast-firing mode that could be spammed with moderate bullet spread. The R8 Revolver immediately became the community's laughing stock and also their favorite weapon. It was so much better than the previous strongest weapon in the game, the AWP sniper rifle. 

    The R8 Revolver was then nerfed only a few days after it's release. Valve raised it's price and reduced its damage so drastically that it is now one of the least used pistols in the game, also due to it's nerfed accuracy and very low fire rate.  

    The problems listed are only a small amount compared to the vast list of mistakes Valve has made for CS:GO and many people still hate the game to this day. 

    Rate this article The Past of CS:GO Problems

    (4.32/5) 25 rates

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    Thanks for the interesting article on the history of the game!

    14 august 2020 19:32

    good job man

    19 may 2020 07:57

    Now most of them are shifted to valorant...but still some play cs:go.

    21 july 2021 15:33

    revolver is so good

    25 february 2020 05:40


    21 april 2020 12:00

    Nice article.

    14 may 2020 02:02

    I loved the revolver tho... it was OP

    31 march 2020 08:49

    Very nice and funny article i like it

    10 june 2020 17:24

    I dont think i will ever start using the revolver instead of the deagle

    1 january 2019 12:38

    true, true

    16 june 2020 19:30