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    Axel1243, 6 july 2017 15:28

    The history of FPS games

    The game that propelled the FPS genre into mainstream was Doom, created by iD Software. It was so popular that for a while, other FPS games were called "Doom clones". Other notable games in FPS genre history include Quake, Duke Nukem 3D, Blood, Unreal, Half-Life, Marathon, Counter-Strike, Halo, Perfect Dark, Killzone, Call of Duty, System Shock and GoldenEye 007. Although FPS elements existed in some 80s games, the games that brought to the genre were Wolfenstein 3D and Doom, created by iD Software and released in 1992 and 1993 respectively. The player was put in the main character's face, And the goal of the game was to finish different levels, which were getting heavier, the player having different weapons. In the levels, the player is struggling with different enemies, which are stronger. At the end of the game, the ultimate Boss, the strongest of the enemies, had to face. Many doom-like FPS games have appeared since Doom II's launch. The game that featured a noticeable improvement was Quake, also produced by iD Software. It provided real 3D rendering, as well as enemies with an artificial intelligence superior to the other games of the time. Since 1998, more modern FPS games have appeared, such as Half-Life, Unreal and SiN, which were much more realistic than before. They also contained an intriguing story, unlike Doom and Quake, which were based on action.

    Between 2004 and 2006, remakes of older games and new titles appeared: Doom 3: Using a new graphics engine with real-time illumination and shadows, used exclusively to create an atmosphere of fear and danger to the player. In fact a replication of the original Doom storyline, the main attraction of the game was the graphics engine. Using state-of-the-art technology, iD Software has created one of the best graphics engines ever before. As with the Doom and Quake graphics engines, it is very used by game makers. And Wolfenstein 3D was rebuilt with a newer graphics engine (but not as sophisticated as that of Doom 3), which resulted in Return to Castle Wolfenstein. Half-Life 2: Making extensive use of shaders, advanced lighting, 3d textures, AI with team tactics, Havok physical engine and relatively large maps for its level of graphic detail. The level of detail seen in the game is best exemplified by the complex facial features of the characters, created specifically for the game. Behind scenes behind-the-scenes engines can use voice recognition software, and the patterns of the game will move as the characters say and show emotions when combined with the script; This innovation has greatly reduced the production time required to animate such complicated emotions. Painkiller, Far Cry: Both titles contained vast and very detailed environments, indoor and outdoor. They also had sophisticated AIs and advanced physical systems. Halo 2: Halo's continued: Combat Evolved with enhanced graphics and sound, and new features such as vehicle hijacking, vehicle destruction, dual-wielding weapons and online multiplayer support. Halo 2 also has improved LAN capabilities over Halo; Players now can connect up to 16 Xboxes and TVs instead of four. Halo 2 is also one of the only console games to have an expansion pack released for it. Metroid Prime 2: Echoes: A sequel to the Metroid series, this sequel to the GameCube's first-person adventure genre has faded away from the usual FPS genre by putting even more attention on third-person exploration. . randomizate, nu vor exista două treceri prin joc la fel. S.T.A.L.K.E.R. a avut o perioadă de dezvoltare foarte mare, timp în care conceptul din spatele jocului a suferit numeroase modificări

    Rate this article The history of FPS games

    (3.86/5) 29 rates


    my first fps game was cod 3

    21 january 2020 16:21

    статья топ, просто класс

    5 march 2020 14:09

    a goood articol man love the work kep going bro

    27 april 2020 17:30

    Now I know why my uncle loves the game.

    11 may 2020 09:12

    I dont have many fps the game

    9 july 2020 01:48

    This post is not useful anymore as CS:GO is free now.. but great post anyways.

    14 january 2020 01:19

    i really like fps games. 3 perspective is a different option i love fs games like cs go or i love it too.

    30 september 2019 16:38

    This is good written, wish we had more like you and less spammers. Peace

    10 april 2020 01:16

    very good game, I liked it !

    22 january 2020 18:34

    im a fan of fps games thanks for making this happen also i think csgo is the best fps game that is made so far

    9 november 2019 23:38