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    (4.42/5) 19 rates
    DoomBringer, 5 august 2017 23:05

    Stardew Valley

    A very peaceful and relaxing game,which can be played at your own pace.

    This game has so much thought and detail put into it. From the little kiss you can give your spouse in the morning, to finding the Mayors underwear in a special someones home, or a little flying witch that could bring you gifts if you are lucky. As a person with very intense anxiety this game helps to calm me down and relax. 

    Soundtrack and Music - The soundtrack is very calming and peaceful. It's very comforting to listen to as you water crops or mine in the cave. There is always a different song for different events giving it a nice feel good vibe. 

    Art and Graphics - The game is so beautiful. The art is very adorable and indie. With each different season and each new event or festival you have more quests and more to explore and it all is so stunning.

    Characters - The characters are so in depth. They all have a different back story to why they are who they are. They also are mostly kind and sweet once they get used to you and you get used to them.

    This game is so much fun and it really goes in depth. This game is one that you can lose track of real time because of how enticing it is. Once you start to get the hang of it there is no putting it down. Then you discover mods which add more game time because they add more to explore. 

    Overall, the is very fun and beautiful. If you want a good quality and long lasting game this is the game for you.

    Down side - There isn't much to say about this game that is bad, especially since mods help make it better. I would love to see working multiplayer to enjoy in game expierence with friends. One other thing is, there is not much of a tutorial for a new player it can be very confusing. It can be confusing on what to do, or how important birthdays are and such can be. But besides these small things the game is amazing.

    Rate this article Stardew Valley

    (4.42/5) 19 rates


    very good

    11 august 2017 03:00


    13 august 2017 00:15

    This is just lit

    14 august 2017 08:58

    ..... i will just say this:
    1- this game was created by 1 person
    2- The game was created to sharpen the programming techniques of the creator
    3- he sayd in a public interview that his idol was the creator of harvest moon (in the same interview he got to know him face to face)

    14 august 2017 07:40

    A game almost the same as harvest moon or is it from the same maker? or just got the idea from it

    14 august 2017 05:56

    hadi koyumuze gıdelım ıslerı bırak kafa rahat :D

    16 august 2017 09:23

    Nice review!! This game is incredible

    10 august 2017 23:31

    This game is perfect, I agree with this review

    16 august 2017 01:51

    multiplayer is coming out in a bit actually, so that's something to look forward to

    12 august 2017 17:13

    Wow, this game has a lot of good comments on steam.

    14 august 2017 04:56