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    (4.05/5) 39 rates
    bakeee17, 4 december 2018 15:24

    Soulcalibur 6 review

    The Soulcalibur series finally came to the current generation of consoles.
    After six years and the fifth numbered title, we now get the sixth numbered title that is actually the seventh part of the series.

    Are you confused?

    The thing is actually very simple, because the series started with Soul Edge for arcade machines,Soulcalibur 6 does not pull the massive weight of previous parts.

    What is the game here about?

    The Soulcalibur series has always a simple fight that relies more on good timing than on the memory of countless combinations of attack keys and all the forces associated with the combo. And the sixth part does not fall out of those rails, so we still have four basic buttons to block blockage, horizontal and vertical zapping with weapons and lighter strikes. Horizontal shocks are expected to be brutal and relate to a tiny amount of energy, but they are quite sluggish and leave you open for a quick counterattack. Vertical swing brings shorter blows, which in turn prevent the opponent from avoiding an attack by changing the axis. Simple kicks are perfect for breaking an opponent's pace, but it needs to be very close to the opponent to be able to perform.

    With only these four actions you are already ready enough for a fun fight against a friend on a couch and performing a cool combination of attacks. Of course this is not all that the fight offers, there are a number of other mechanics, but even if you do not know the advanced moves you will not feel too dazed with other martial arts.

    For veteran series news are Reversal Edge and Lethal Hit attacks. Lethal Hit hits I liked quite a bit because they differ drastically from fighter to fighter and are activated differently. Reversal edge attacks are triggered with one key and lead to a sort of calculation in which you choose one of the three moves on the stone-paper scissors with the opponent and who has more luck, real mass damages. The feeling you lose for the first time because of this move is really frustrating, because at the end of the victory it has come to be pure happiness, not the skill.
    In addition to the famous faces of this series and their killer weapons, we also got three newbie characters who refreshed the offer.
    An important influence on the fight itself is the weapon of the person you use because the attack fluidity is fundamentally different if you use a nun, a stick, a snake sword or a giant sword that is the size of certain characters.

    "In addition to the famous faces of the series and their killer weapons, we also got three new guys who refreshed the offer."

    Perhaps the most interesting of them is a big grungy named Azwel who can invoke various weapons, and in the same way has a look that simply screams to be a malicious guy. The other is Groh, a self-employed fighter who uses a sword at both ends, and has the ability to teleportation on shorter distances. The third novice is the famous mutant Geralt of the Witcher series that does not need to be detailed. All in all, the fighters are quite diverse and are not copies of each other, which, at first sight, a small number of twenty fighters seems more than sufficient.

    "The movement of the characters is done fairly fluid, which we can primarily thank for the stable 60 frames per second."

    Generally speaking, on the audiovisual side, I have to admit that I did not stay with something specially enchanting. The melodies of Soulcalibur 6 are not memorable, and none of the arenas has left that particular impression on me when you are so enjoyable about missing a match. 

    One of the things that im not impressed is the training of these multiplayer modes. The training mode seems to be put in pure order because they have and others have it so find it. The whole concept of training is done without some clear set of pieces, at a crossover and not as useful as it should be. A similar situation is with a multiplayer component where only basic rankings and unmanaged matches are supported without any overwhelming innovativeness. This does not mean that the network code is not good and that the matches are not stable, but only that the online entertainment offer is minimized.

    "Multiplayer components support only basic rank and unmatched matches without any overwhelming innovativeness."

    In addition to the standard arcade fashion, there are also two story-oriented modes called Soul Chronicles and Libra of Souls. Soul Chronicles is the standard passage of the same story from the look of different characters. Like most martial arts games of this type, the story is fragmented and scattered, and the dialogs are so strong that they sound like they're lying with themselves.

    Libra of Souls is a much more imaginative way in which we create our own character and go to adventure as in RPGs. And here the story is mostly neglected, especially when you consider that most of that story is told through blocks of text on the screen, but the other elements make it a lot of entertaining. The book throws us on the map of the world by which we are moving by money, we take different primary and secondary tasks on the locations, and thus earn money to travel further. There is even a choice of decisions that later affect the end of the story. Full package!

    In addition to money, food is also collected in this fashion, which can boost the character. We also get better weapons we can use when we reach a certain level. Particularly in the fights of this fashion is the variety of conditions that affect it, such as slippery surfaces or increased vertical strokes that will often leave you out of the comfort of your ready-made attacks and make a change of strategy. If we ignore the story, this is the most exciting new martial art mode in the last few years.

    And this mode best describes the whole game, which is a combination of sparse and less sophisticated sections. If we throw out a story from a book, Libra of Souls is a fun and innovative way for your genre. The most important thing is definitely the performance itself of the fight for which I have only words of praise if I exclude the Reversal Edge attacks. If you can skim on one eye on narrative parts and you do not mind a bit poorer in multiplayer modes, Soulcalibur 6 can be the perfect party for multiplayer couch.

    The review was made for PlayStation 4

    By:bakeee17  ;D

    Rate this article Soulcalibur 6 review

    (4.05/5) 39 rates


    good game ;)

    6 june 2019 17:19

    it was a good game ngl i wanna replay it gain

    27 december 2020 17:16

    Not my type

    7 december 2018 11:05

    I think it was good

    15 april 2020 12:09

    very nice bro

    11 december 2018 11:48

    gamehag has some task of this game

    13 september 2019 16:36

    I never heard of theas series

    6 december 2018 10:50

    I'll check out the game in the future, thank you for this review! The timing mechanic seems interesting. I hope the framerate is as stable as they said it was!

    17 june 2020 22:03

    I think it was good

    24 february 2019 23:39