Skyforge review
Hi, guys, today i want to share my opinion about  the game Skyforge.

Interesting game in the new shell.
Is a stably-hard donate from a well-known company.


What is Skyforge?
Skyforge is a product from the national studio Allods Team. In Skyforge, the player acts as an immortal god, who has a long way to go from an inexperienced beginner to a legendary deity. One of the important features tells us guys from mail, is that the server for each region will be one. In other words, if you play in the Russian region and you play on one single server. Thus the top guild in truth will be the top, in this huge indivisible world.
In the Skyford universe, there are a large number of planets, at the head of each of which is, as a rule, a certain supreme god. For example, the planet "Ilion" on which the main god is Ellai suddenly mysteriously gone. The disappearance of Ellai provoked a confrontation for power over the planet, in which other gods participate. We, in the person of the young deity, are to protect Allyon from the invasion.

I hasten to note, PvP in the game is made extremely dynamic. It's more like setting, rather than the classic mmo. Also, the developers added a very curious feature - "class change on the fly." In order to change the class, you do not have to create a new character. All you need is to press Esc and select a new class, that's all. Class before this of course will have to open during the pumping. No levels, no experience in the game in fact there, there is only a huge menu, called "development atlas." Open up the upholstery using the stones of development, it is important that they can not be bought. They are given for completing tasks in the game itself. This applies to both PvP and PvE. In general, the game promises to make interesting.

I would advise you to look at the game, but no more. Knowing not the first year the company mail vanguuyu stably-hard donat.


Thank you for attention

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