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    (4.31/5) 49 rates
    stuff1, 19 june 2017 13:26

    Review: Neverwinter - game for PC - Beautiful MMORPG

    Very beautiful game.
    Not yet.

    Hello guys.

    Probably many of you like role-playing games (not games for adults, but computer games), so I want to tell you about the multiplayer role-playing game Neverwinter.
    The game was created by Cryptic Studios and Perfect World Entertainment released it on June 20, 2013.

    So, Neverwinter is quite an interesting and exciting game. Against the backdrop of MMORPG scores, Neverwinter, in my opinion, will take a worthy place in the world of online games and will evolve. The game you can find in the service Steam. Download the game client, run and you will be offered to register, go through the registration and the game will be available for download.

    Neverwinter is beset by chaos because of the sudden disappearance of his Lord. The various factions began to quarrel among themselves and, in addition, the Lich King, Valindra, attacks the city, with her own hand dragon. Fearless heroes stood up for the battle with the dead and won the battle for the city. But the war is just beginning. And the fate of Neverwinter is now in your hands.

    Who better to play:
    There is no unambiguous answer to this question. And the game has 8 races and 5 classes of characters.
    Each race has certain abilities and appearance.
    Each class is unique in its own way and plays its role in the battle.
    Someone rushes into the thick of the opponents, someone attacks from a distance, someone comes from behind, another heals himself and his allies, and somebody deals damage to magic and subordinates the will of the enemy.
    My advice to you before choosing someone to play, look on the Internet for different articles, videos about the characters, study them, and then decide which character suits you more.

    Professions in the game:
    The profession in Neverwinter was at first five. But recently three more have been added.
    You can get experience and money using hired labor (leadership)
    You can create weapons (smith)
    You can create class armor (leatherworking)
    You can create different potions (Alchemy)
    You can forge weapons (smith)
    As well as you can weave chain mail and sew clothes and paint outfits.

    In the game there are riding animals. After you reach the twentieth level. You can buy yourself for a game currency your mount.


    In general, I advise you to play in Neverwinter, nice graphics, a lot of beautiful places, challenging battles, playing with your friends. A lot of skills and abilities, will give you a good charge of positive emotions.

    Thank you all for your attention.

    Play only the best!

    Rate this article Review: Neverwinter - game for PC - Beautiful MMORPG

    (4.31/5) 49 rates

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    I think it is worth to try it out! MY COMMENTT!!! :DThis is a really good game review!Desent game but recently player base is declining so not too much ppl out ther

    24 january 2021 11:41

    this game is very cool I played in it the other day and it was much fun!

    6 december 2020 18:41

    awesome game review . has tips and quite decent. it even has its advantages and disadvantages stated. awesome bro

    10 january 2021 08:57

    i actually enjoy this game its my type of MMO style

    10 march 2020 11:17

    bak 3 verdi şuan yüzde 13 şimdi yüzde 15 olcak bak 2 vercek cünkü yu kent comment that often diyo anladılar xd

    20 december 2020 13:57

    good game review, awesome game! im currently have a blast playing it!

    30 august 2019 23:43

    Graphics may seem a bit dark, but it's more an advantage than a flaw, because it gives an unforgettable atmosphere for this particular MMO. Music is epic, it makes you feel that you are participating in a fantastic adventure, just like in all stories about the heroes.

    26 july 2019 06:33

    this game is so cool

    24 october 2019 02:48

    Desent game but recently player base is declining so not too much ppl out there

    19 november 2019 02:20